Madison's Star by Patw




I wanted to make a baby quilt for my landlord's daughter. Keith liked one that I made earlier this year for my son's best friend, and I decided to use the same colors: purple and teal-- and a similar (8-pointed star) pattern. There was one catch, however. Both Keith and his wife are severely allergic to cats. Quite possibly little Madison Grace is too! My cats ALWAYS manage to involve themselves in quilting projects, and I cannot be sure of preventing them from sitting on things when my back is turned. So this one had to be made in another location.

The Mount Tabor Historical Society, of which I'm a member, owns a part of a house across the street from me. They were willing to let me work there. So I purchased fabric, put it carefully in a ZipLoc bag, gathered my old 301-A Singer, my cutting tools, my sleeve board and iron, and set up over there. I show you a picture of the view out the front-- those are two double doors that can open onto the porch. I trotted back and forth, and now have most of the top finished.

Yesterday, I purchased fabric for the back and a border, and the quilt batting. Wrapped it carefully and put it on the top shelf of my craft cabinet. I'll do a short cutting and piecing session in the History House on Monday, then move my operations to another location where I can spread out more to sandwich, quilt, and bind. This is another historic structure, the octagonal Bethel Pavilion.

Wasn't able to proceed on Monday, due to a nasty sinus infection. I'll move it along when I feel better. I would like to add bands of Flying Geese at the top and bottom so it's rectangular. I also need to try out the Singer's darning and walking feet; it's not far to the Bethel, but I cannot leave my stuff there overnight, and the Singer is lighter than my other machines.

Made the flying geese borders yesterday and stitched them on this morning. As with most quilts of this pattern, it did need a thorough blocking, which had not been done when I photographed it. I'm still not quite satisfied that it's going to lie down flat, so I'll have another go at it before attempting to sandwich and quilt it.

Looks like I'll have to haul the Elna out to quilt this. The walking foot I got for the Singer does not work properly. Oh well... at least I have other options. I could also use the BSR on the Bernina-- I do occasionally do straight line quilting with free-motion feet-- usually on large quilts that have patterns requiring frequent pivots. It's not as neat as walking foot work, but that doesn't show after it's washed a couple of times.

Finished the quilt today. I spent parts of the previous three days in the Bethel quilting away on the Elna. Did it right and used the walking foot for all the straight line work, despite all the pully-hauly that involved. Washed it to set the quilting, and took its picture a few minutes ago.


Madison's Star
The J. Smith Richardson History House, Mount Tabor, NJ
Borders added
Quilted, washed, DONE!
The Bethel, where I did the feline-free quilting.





Beautiful quilt and location and what a good idea!


Thank you! Wait until you see where I'm going to quilt it.


Very pretty!

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