Les Amis Mod by Joke


Brain Storming


My husband's younger brother and his girlfriend are expecting a baby... soon. I have no idea on the gender so I've opted for something "gender neutral". I'm not a big fan of my inlaws so I don't want to put a lot of effort into it but still want to make something nice.

I've been hoarding some Les Amis forever for a project I've never started on, and thought the browns and oranges and a touch of green, kind of make it gender neutralish?! An  easy pattern I thought of was the Mod 9 patch.

Thoughts? Are these fabrics gender neutral?? I just did a mock up in the quilt design tool for a rough idea of how the colours would look with the few fabrics I have loaded to my account so it's not a "this is what it will exactly look like" thing.

(If I find out the gender before I even start making this, I might even change the fabrics).


Mock up with fabrics/colours
Fabric pull
Binding and back





It think it is very gender neutral and a great mix of colors and fabrics...cannot wait to see it.


OH my- if I say it's gender neutral- you'll give it to them...if I say no...you could send it to me eh????? Does that indicate just how much I LOVE this?????


Mymble I had not thought of that answer!! LOL and so agree...


True It is really special- good thing Jo lives on the other side of the globe, or I'd have to arrange a little heist!


I thought that's what the swap not steal was for Mymble . You are incorrigible. I do agree that this will be wonderful Joke


HawkFan Its true ! alas! - the swap did not cure me of temptation.


Very nice! And a good thing you do live across the ocean with all these kleptos lusting after your fabric! Love the Mod 9 patch you've chosen. Now I'll have to check that out for sure.


Terryt1955 HawkFan Mymble True LOL! I think this quilt shall be safe from all of your grabby hands! I made my husband find out what the baby is -- it's a boy. I have a quilt I've already made that is "boy" themed (with Bungle Jungle and an Ikea animal print for the back) so.. already made quilt = super easy gift wink still have this pile of fabric though as I'm loving the way it looks in the mock up (and it will give me a chance to embed some security devices with the batting before I quilt it!!)


Joke LOL be careful we are sneaky do not be fooled into thinking the distance saves you ;-). Glad you already have the gift part done but yes you need to make this quilt. This is the block I picked for one of my bees and I love it. It is actually "up" for me to out it together next!


Joke , these are truly lovely fabrics. I think if you love them as much as I do, you should certainly make something for YOU not for someone you're not that fond of. OR you could make it for one of your TB friends across the sea. Interesting block, haven't seen it before.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON