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In talking with several of the TB stitchers, we found we were all interested in the Anna Maria Horner "Feather Bed Quilt" feathers.   I decided to make a few of the feathers and give it a try.  So far I've just made a few feather pieces but I wanted to share them so those interested could be thinking about this.

Not counting the few minutes it took me to pull out some fabrics, it took me about 30 minutes to cut, press, stitch, press, cut the five feather pieces I have.  That seems very reasonable. 

I used 18" strips as I seemed to have quite a few of them.  From 18" using the tutorial from Olivia Jane's blog,  I was able to get five feather pieces.  Her statement that she got 6-7 from a 22" stripped piece seems accurate.

As she promised, there is little waste when put together this way, and you can just pull scraps without worrying if the "go together" as you see only small amounts of each fabric in each fabric section. 

It's important to read the directions or you end up with lots of lefts and no rights to the feathers.  You have to reverse the pattern pieces.  

I would estimate one feather took me approximately 2 hours to finish.  That includes cutting, pressing, etc.  I used Kona White for the background and a very dark brown I had for the stem.  I ended up with 1 completed feather and a LOT of feather halves.  I couldn't stop making more strips.   The other four feathers went much more quickly because all I had to do is all the five remaining pieces. 

What is amazing is that you end up with a feather approximately 18" in length.    The directions say to trim all blocks the same size so trimming would be done after you created all your feathers.  The block does need trimming when you are done but it could be trimmed to 17 1/2" and maybe 18" if your stitching and seams were perfect.

It's an interesting block and I look forward to making more feathers.


One 18" feather
2nd Feather
3rd Feather
4th Feather
5th Feather





I will join you soon! Things to finish first, but I can see them in my head, teal and gold and ... Thanks for hints.


Wow you go girl!! These look awesome cannot wait to see finished...and I will be dreaming of fabrics in my head for whatever month you decide to do the swap:-)


You're so fast Marsha! When you start signups I'll definitely participate. These look great


+Super, Hawkfan! I think it will be fun to have a great variety from our TB friends.


Great feather... When you printed off template did you do it with no scale...or what on printer? Does that make sense?


Oops hit to post before explained...somewhere read it is suppose to be 18" but your is 17? So just trying to figure that part out.


Ooh I Love this. Saw this in one of the Hives as block of the month and thought I must give it a try


True , obviously I had some trouble reading my ruler last night. I saw the 17 on it and thought "Oh, it's 17 inches." Of course the feather went above it and I just wasn't thinking it's an 18" ruler!!!! The feathers are very close to 18" and a couple just over. That must be why the directions say to trim them all to the same size. They aren't bad to make, just reversing pattern pieces is necessary.


Quilterinmotion LOL I seem to periodically forget how to read my ruler...like today! Thanks for clarifying. I print out pattern and wanted to make sure I had done it correctly.


I sure will keep my eye out for sign ups, I love these feather blocks !


libellenart , yeah! If you have any hints for us on how to make them easier, please PM me. I'm going to do a tutorial to make them as simple as possible.


Quilterinmotion Sorry cant help you there:-) First I used just some scrap fabric and put them right next to each other to make the halfs but I got tired of that real fast ( you can view that process in my studio) and then I used the same strip method you did with the offset stripes of fabric. That went so much faster !!! I had trouble though to get the direction of the right half correct. Once you got the steps down its not that hard anymore but there was a lot of seam ripping going on with the first 2 feathers hahaha.


libellenart , I'm so glad to hear you had the same experience True and I had with the right hand side of the feather. I did figure out a way to do it which I'll share in the tutorial but it is discouraging to seam rip so we hope to keep everyone from having to go through that!!!! Thanks for you commiseration.
I agree once you figure it out it goes well and you can do a lot in a short time.


Love your feathers!!!

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