NewBee Bee #8 - my month by Strandkorbtraum


In Progress


I always liked green so I thought I would do something green .. but then I thought not everyone has that many greens - so I figured maybe fit in some blues .. 

I started with the planning, playing and writing the tutorial

Blocks are comign in:

2014/08/11 -+picosailors's block arrived
2014/08/28 -+gms5997's block arrived
2014/08/28 -+sewcraftyjenn's block arrived
2014/08/28 -+cedacanthus's block arrived
2014/09/02 - +bec's block arrived
2014/09/02 - +jayniebee's block arrived
2014/09/05 - +libellenart's block arrived (sadly I took no picture and already mixed the blocks in with the rest)

2014/09/06-07 - I raided someone else's stash and 2 someone else's green scrap bins and did a lot more blocks. The layout at the moment is 4 on 6 blocks, with the remaining bee blocks I'm hoping to make it a 5 on 6 layout.
The next step is to play around with the placing of the blocks ... I already absolutely am in love with it, probably a reason why it's a permanent floor ornament at the moement and I keep awkwardly stepping around it ... 


I had to climb on my sideboard to take the picture
shows the colours much better
design floor - 2014/Sept/03
bec's block
jayniebee's block
design floor - 2014/Aug/28
cedacanthus' block
gms5997's block
sewcraftyjenn's block
design floor - 2014/Aug/12
picosailors' block
soem more ...
4 finished squares
layout playtime
pairing the fabric
all in green
with a tad of blue





When I first saw the sketch for this, I assumed it would be similar to a bento block, borders around a square that you then quarter and sew together again in a different arrangement. It doesn't look that way here though (nothing wrong with that, no negativity here, promise). I'm wondering, because you were worried about people perhaps not having enough greens, if you could get the maths to work out, might it be easier to just set bento blocks with custom measurements as bee blocks?


cedacanthus well the sketch is essentially a bento box block (just always two on the diagonal turned by 180°)... I just din't really liek the proportions of 1 1 2 and decided to go for 1 1 1.
The rest of your question - see your inbox.


You are probably going to groan at me because you were quite explicit in your instructions about what constitutes a green fabric, but I have a fabric that is 98% green and has just a smattering of small pink dots, is that acceptable, I can post a picture if that helps


Finished my blocks today! Didn't really have many greens in my stash, but I think the ones I used are OK? Also did a signature block using the link you posted, so I'll try and get those mailed off today or tomorrow. I just hope these don't get lost like my star block ~ fingers crossed!


I added a picture for you to decide


they look great all together !


They all look fabulous together :)

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON