Diva's July Block by Conniharns




This block was chosen by Marsha, the Interrupted Star. I must say it was the most difficult one I have done yet. It has a lot of seams to match!! Having said that you can tell I have not done a lot of different blocks but enjoy stretching myself to learn. Albeit the block is not perfect...it's not bad!! I hope Marsha likes it.






Conniharns , I love this block!!! You did a great job. It is a bit tricky to line up all the seams, but it's a skill we all need to keep practicing. I'm sorry you thought it was the most difficult but I knew you were all up to the task, you are Divas after all. I could have chosen paper piecing!! Thanks so much. I love the colors.


Love your block...great fabrics and wonderful job!


Quilterinmotion wow...you are quick!! Thank you Marsha. I am glad you like the fabrics. Being that I am still pretty new to this...that's why it was my most difficult...I'm sure everyone else did not have that same experience!!


True Thanks so much Mary....it was a stretch for me!!


I love your fabric combination. I made one block but am not completely happy with how things lined up so will make a 2nd before posting/mailing.


Readerowl thank you Readerowl! I have to admit...it's not a block I wanted to have to repeat at this time! So I am glad it's not bad. Good luck to you...your next one will be perfect.!


This turned out great, love the colors!


You rocked it out, Conni! Love the fabrics you chose!


Caribousmom Skynme Thank you so much. Fabric choices are always interesting aren't they...ya never know! Thanks Wendy...I tried!! It is a cute block..just a bit out of my league I think!


I love the fabric you chose for the center and your other four colors match it so well. Beautiful block!


Love the block, great job Conni.


Well you are braver than me. I finished all 4 quadrants Friday night but haven't put them together because I need to be in the right frame of mind. If my seams don't match up I'm going to cry.


Can I give a tip to anyone worried about matching up those seams and not wanting to use the old seam ripper too much? Once you have matched your seams and pinned them, use a basting stitch to stitch across the seam. Check your matching seams and if they are match as well as you like, then use the smaller stitch to stitch across again. If they don't match, the basting seam will come out easily and you can pin it again. I do this with paper -piecing when stitching sections together. Hope this helps.


+Connihairns, I happened to be posting a project when you put up your post so I saw it right away. You did a great job on matching seams!!! Wonderful colors...you are too tough on yourself.


Terryt1955 Cseawright Thank you so much. Terry just go for it!! I'm sure it will be perfect! I said the same thing to myself "I will cry" if this isn't good!!!


Quilterinmotion Thank you. I always want it to be perfect....so that is a flaw I have! Basting is a great idea tho since there are so many seams.


Quilterinmotion Great tip Marsha and will try it.


Conniharns , the basting stitch is SO much easier to take out than those tiny stitches and it's great for those of us who don't like to settle for less than our best. Terryt1955 , Hopefully it will save you for the hair-tearing that some of our friends have done making this block. Glad you were ALL up for the challenge those seams present.

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