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Run around bag by lazy girl


The four-year-old daughter of someone I know online is in the hospital with a broken femur. She got hit by a drunk driver while out for a walk with her grandmother (the grandmother is physically fine). She's going to be in traction for a week or two before she can have a cast, and still have to be in the hospital for a bit after that. She's expected to recover fine. A friend of mine from high school actually broke his femur at about the same age, and he ended up going to the Olympic trials in decathlon, so a broken femur certainly doesn't rule out anything for her future. But right now, she's right in the thick of it.

Since she's likely to get bored during her recovery and is probably still shaken up, some of us are sending her little pick-me-ups. Her mom told me that she pink and red are her favorite colors, and she likes girly things and drawing. I had some pieces of fabric left over from different projects that were almost big enough for a run-around bag but not quite, so I did it 75% smaller than the pattern dictates. It worked out fine! I put some sticker books inside and will also mail some nice markers that she can color with, either on paper or on her cast. Or maybe on her big brothers!

The flowered fabric on the body of the bag is Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey from Keepsake Cottage in Bothell, where I also got the batiks way back when I took my sewing class in 2010. The handle is made from Princess Butterfly #2 which I got in a swap. My mom gave me the zipper--I had everything cut out and had sewn as far as I could before attempting to get a zipper at a Target-like store (Fred Meyer) but the store no longer carries zippers. The store is near my parents' house, so Mom to the rescue! The shiny thread with the charm on it was part of the wrapping of some gift I got ages ago. I'd saved it with my gift-wrap stuff and I think it's a nice touch for little girl's purse.

I was able to do this almost entirely from memory. I had to use one that I made a couple days ago to remember how to layer the pieces, but other than that it was fine. Except that I switched two pieces and ended up having to rip out about half the seams I sewed. At least I didn't have to do that on the handle--I did a decorative stitch there and ripping that out would have been torture!






Wow! You are turning into a regular "Run-Around-Sue".

(sorry.....it was just too clever not to say!)


Oh, I also like the fabrics and all. I'm glad that you had the right ribbon and the deco stitches look great.



I did the decorative stitch because I cut the strip too narrow--two inches instead of two and a half--so I needed a wider stitch to catch the fabrics instead of two straight lines. wink

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