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Mini medallion
Constructing Top


I saw others' mini medallions over at Quilt Along Junction and knew I wanted to make this.   I finally had a free afternoon today so I did Block 1 and Block 2 both in one afternoon.  Now I"m caught up and ready for Block 3 which should be posted any day now.

Block 1 was given out in June.  Block 2 border was given out in July.   The finished mini medallion will be approximately 32" square.

I wanted to use some different colors than I usually do so I ordered a Fat Eighth bundle of "Cotton and Steel"  fabrics.  It's a great bundle with 14 different Cotton and Steel fabrics.  There were quite a few colors in the bundle that I don't normally work with which is exactly what I wanted.   I added a few other fabrics that I had that coordinated with the Cotton and Steel, plus decided to use some linen for the background fabric as I've been holding on to the linen for quite a while.

Fat Eighth bundles are an economical way to try some fabrics you might want to audition in a project without buying a lot of any one of the fabrics included.  

You can find the Mini Medallion info over at Clover and


August 2nd border
July 1st border
June Center block
C&S Coral Monarch
C&S Teal Monarch
C&S Dark Teal Dandelion
C&S Burnt Orange Dandelion
C&S Cream Stampede
C&S Navy Stampede
C&S Olive Diamond Back
C&S Teal Stampede
C&S Chartruese Frolic
C&S Coral Frolic
C&S Coral Mezzanine
C&S Teal Mezzanine
C&S Celery Hide and Seek
C&S Grey Hide and Seek





This is just wonderful. I love it! So glad you decided to do this!


Thanks, Belinda. This is a good chance for me to try out some new fabrics and new color combinations.


I've been wanting to see how people use the C&S fabrics so I'm glad to see your project. This looks like a great bundle to try out. Looking forward to seeing this develop


Is this for another round of the medallion quilts? The August line is one of my favorites (I have forced myself not to buy any Cotton + Steel yet), however seeing this and all the other awesome projects makes me want to buy some...must resist! Love your medallion, I would really love to do one of these quilts one day.


Skynme , no this is not a TB Medallion Round Robin. It's a Clover and Violet Mini Medallion QAL . It's a short one, and you could catch up quickly as I did yesterday. Give it a try!


I find the Cotton and Steel fabric so interesting and seeing how people use it is intriguing!


Carolmarie , thank you! I can only say I would never ordinarily use these fabrics but they seem to work together well. True , it is interesting.


Really like the new border!!


You're moving right along on this. Great addition


+Thanks, True. HawkFan , one border on one block per month is such a "piece of cake". Thanks, glad you like the addition.


Love the look. Good idea to try some color themes you don't usually use. That center block is an eye catcher.


Charwirfs , thanks. Since it's a QAL, the only creative part is choosing the fabric in this instance. Hoping to quilt my Round Robin Medalliion quilt in the next week! Is yours finished???


It is in process Quilterinmotion . I added more appliqué pieces from the same fabric collection as the center block which provided more of a garden theme. Sewing has been on the back burner until school starts. Doing day care for the grands. Did you add anything more to your RR?


Charwirfs . I did not add any more to my RR as it is just slightly too big for my space (the only hanging area I have). I'm going to finish it off just the way it is; it's so great without my adding anything. Hope to get to it before October!


Yours was one of the ones that really came together nicely.


Were there others that did not come together so nicely? I never did hear how Chandra liked hers. Since I added to it last, I was worried perhaps she didn't like it. Are you happy with yours?

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON