Lila Hölle by Strandkorbtraum


In Progress


I decided to go with a German name for the Quilt, so you can all pretend it doesn't mean what it means and just looks funny because of the dots above the O ... I sometimes have this need to get a fiddly challenging project that I can get really mad at - I tend to do some of my best stuff doing "therapy sewing" with some good music .. Britten or Dvorak Cello Concertos ... Beehoven and Kurte Weil are also good for mad moods ...

So anyway I decided to dive head first into an appliquée pattern which is going to be hard because:
- I'm absolutely not confident in my appliquée abilities - but if I don't do it then I won't ever have any
- I'm not patient, I don't do well with trial pieces (though I did two or three or four)
- I like a challenge
- I like to be able to say " I did it anyway"
- I like to be able to say to myself  "who would have thought you could do that" ...
- I like to have something to complain about and then eat chocoalte in accute cases of frustration

I started sewing the center compass block - and am missing a bit if red so that will have to be added soon - else I'm a terrible planner, so I haven't gotten all fabrics yet, but then the really great ones usually come to me when I least expect them. the colours are a bit pale on the picture ...

I'm not sure yet of the second step - I first picked a simple cream/off white as planned background. But seeing the compass rose on that piece of writing fabric rather makes me think that might be a better background. I'm sure I can get more ...


centre compass rose - with almost matching thread
on dark grey
on light grey
on off white
on beige print





This is gorgeous and love it in text fabric! This is paper piecing...right?


Love this! I love the text background as well!


What a pretty blend of like colors. This block is really nice. Good luck with the appliqué. Since I learned to do it, I use it a lot and really like the process. Good for you...stepping up to a challenge.


True nope - that's plain old hand piecing ... I just drew the shapes on the left side and then sewd form "tip to tip" of each line ... in hindsight I would probably appliquée the center circle and not sew it ....


Charwirfs thank you - I guess you won't mind if I put you on my list of "people who have already done some appliqué that I can pester with questions" - I'm thinking if I add enough names I can equally distribute the questions and noone will have to do too much but I will still get all my answers.


ArloDeanQuilts Thank you! ... yes I think the text fabric it is - it's really growing on me ....


Wow Leo I am so impressed...really gorgeous!


True does it make me a freak if I admit I find the hand sewing easier than the paper piecing?


Strandkorbtraum nope that is the wonderful part of quilting so many options!!


When I use text (which is quite often as I love it) I do not get caught up on the directional nature of the fabric as I truly like how it looks either way. Some fabric that is directional would bother me but not text. But it may bother you... here is an example from my projects Simply Candy

I personally think the text is so perfect for your project and my favorite of all your choices:-)


True the text is my favourite too if it weren't for the direction - if you have a look at your block then the text forms a line following the basic hexagon shape of the block ... that's what I'm thining about when I say to piece the centre - so essentially take 4 triangles that have the print oriented in the same way and sew them togetehr so the triangel base is always the botom of the text ...


Strandkorbtraum you could definitely do that...the good news is it is whatever makes you happy. Here is another example that depending which way pillow is placed text may or may not be right side up...and in my Round Robin quilt the middle has text but again the quilt itself has no right side up. It really is all about what bothers or does not bother person making it as you will see it done loads of different ways. That's What Friend Are For Pillow


I like the text fabric too and like True says, don't worry about the directions of fabric.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON