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Mix tape quilt by elizabeth hartman
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I really want to make a bed quilt for my son but am very nervous about putting together fabric combinations that will be pleasing to the eye once the quilt is all assembled.  I've been planning the quilt in my head for several months now and am finally going to put my thoughts to action.  We'll see how this all turns out.  Hopefully, I will be finished with this quilt before he's old enough to keep reminding me I haven't finished his quilt!

7.26.12 Update:
I swapped out some of the fabrics once I had the pieces cut and laid out on my design wall.  This mix is a little more pleasing to my eye and offers a good balance, I hope anyway.  I really like this pattern for a little boy quilt, nice and simple.  

For the back, I want to piece together something using Elizabeth Hartman's letters pattern she released recently in between two big strips of fabric.  It'll be a while before I get started on it though as we have a lot going on this summer and I have to put this away for a little while.  In the meantime, I'm trying to formulate how I want to quilt it.  I'm thinking of doing randomly spaced vertical and horizontal rows of stitching.  I want (need) to keep it simple as I haven't yet explored FMQ and don't really want to tackle that on such a big quilt.  

This quilt has been a lot of fun to make and I really want to keep my momentum going strong.  Family needs are calling my name right now, which is putting it mildly.  We are in the middle of a major house remodel which makes an already busy summer a rather crazy summer.  Must stay focused!






I think this selection of fabrics looks wonderful. Don't over think it and have fun making this keepsake for your son.


Thank you for the kind words, Speattle. I appreciate your support. I took your advice to heart about not overthinking it after I cut all the pieces and laid them out on my design wall. There were only a few fabrics I swapped out for something a little different and then went with it. I really think if I hadn't kept your advice in mind, my pieces would still be all cut and sitting in a pile for fear of sewing together something I wasn't going to like in the end. Cheers to you for your words of encouragement.


What a great quilt!! I love all the prints and the colors. The sashing looks almost like denim or boyish. The look is scrappy and yet seems well thought out. I am glad you have had fun...and it looks like your son thinks it is pretty cool too. :-)


Your fabrics are very sounds like whole quilt will be wondeful once life slows down enough to let you finish it!! Good luck with remodel and hang in there:-)


How did I miss this? I love your fabric selection and placement - the quilt is very balanced and perfect for a little boy!


Darling quilt for a little boy. And that little boy is pretty darling too! I think he's going to be dragging this off to college with him...


Thank you for your comments everyone! I really appreciate the support!

Janquilter , the sashing is Essex Yarn-dyed linen in Denim. This is the first I've used Essex linen in a quilt and I love it! I'm sure I will use it as my sashing for future quilts. The Essex linen is super soft and is sure to make the quilt quite comfy cozy.

Terryt1955 , you might be on to something about him dragging this to college. He's the youngest of my 3 kids and the only one to insist on taking a blanket with him wherever we go. I do insist his blanket stays in the car versus also going into the shops with us. smile

I also wanted to mention this is the first time I've pressed my seams open instead of pressing to one side. Pressing seams open is recommended in Elizabeth Hartman's pattern and I am surprised how much I like it. I didn't think I'd be convinced but my quilt seams have much less bulk.

  • Sewlorisew I just borrowed one of her books from the library and was wondering about that open seam versus to one side. The opposite side of the camp says it's bad because it weakens the seam with repeated washings. But I'm thinking if it's quilted that there won't be that much stress on the seam.Keep us posted on the durability because this quilt will be washed a lot!

Good to know, Terryt1955 . I will have to be sure I quilt the bejeezez out of this. Certainly don't want any seams coming undone with all the love and washing this quilt will be receiving.


This is turning out the fabric choices!

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