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I have a love of barn quilts.  I'd love to have one only I don't have a barn.  I do have a small shed in Florida and I might make one this winter.  Our daughter and her family became backyard farmers this summer as they started raising chickens.   The chicken coop has been a family affair with my husband designing and building it, our daughter and son-in-law painting it and putting up the fencing.   Grandson and I have mostly watched so I had an idea of a way we could become part of the project too.

We secretly, over the past several weeks, have worked on a "coop" quilt for the chicken coop.   Most barn quilts are 4'x4' but some folks make a 2'x2' for their sheds or other locations.  2'x2' would have been a bit too large so we made the coop quilt 18"x18".

While this isn't a fabric quilt, it is a quilt so I thought I'd share it with you all.   We used acrylic paints, a water-based Behr paint as the base, on a 18'18' piece of plywood, 1/2" thick. 

I snooped around chicken-themed quilts on Pinterest so some time and decided to design this block using a combination of several I've seen on Pinterest.   I thought flying geese would go nicely with the chickens so I put flying geese all around the outside of the coop quilt.  This turned out to the the most time-consuming of the entire project.   Each color must be taped off using painters tape and given 2-3 coats of paint.  Several days go by and then you can paint another color.   The grandson stayed with us for a week so we worked on it every day, taping and painting several colors that were far enough apart that we could tape them both.   Grandson painted every little triangle in the quilt, three times.  He painted the green background, the black chickens and some of the stripes in the center.  

I did most of the more detailed, fussy painting in the week after he left.

Dear Husband sprayed the entire coop quilt with five coats of Spar Varnish after it was finished.  We let it cure 72 hours before hanging it. Today we took grandson home after our weekend camping and he kept his parents busy while we attached it to the chicken coop.  Then he brought them out for the big reveal.  They loved it!  I have to admit I think it came out great; the colors complement the coop very well and it was a fun grandmother/grandson project.  

With all the flying geese and the chickens, what better name than "Fowl Play". 

Now maybe I can get back to sewing!   I swear I could have made about six of these coop quilts out of fabric and had them hand-quilted in the number of hours it took us to do this wooden version! 


"Fowl Play" Coop Quilt
"Fowl Play" mounted on the Chicken Coop
One tiny triangle at a time





I love it!!! It truly ads an element of fun to the coop. Great job Grandma!!!


I love this and it is so fun and so awesome you did it with your grandson!! Love it.


So love this, Marsha! When Kip and I drove through the South a few years ago, we saw a ton of barn quilts and I fell in love with them. We've talked about doing something for our shed...you've made me think it should be sooner rather than later! Thanks for sharing!


Terryt1955 . Thanks. Grandson really got into this even though it's a bit finicky and he stuck right at it. 12 is maybe the magic age. ;-)
True , thanks. It was a great project for us and means a lot to him as it's on his chicken coop.
Caribousmom , Thank you. I visited a lot of them in Kentucky last spring and just couldn't get enough of them. They were my inspiration. Love them.




This is a great idea and so cute!


Wonderful idea and great project with your grandson. I'm sure it was fun for him to be in on the surprise


Charwirfs , thank you! ArloDeanQuilts, thank you also. Carolmarie , I know. That's where I saw about 60 last Spring!!! They are fantastic. I hope you do make one; I'd love to see it!!

HawkFan , he really did get into this surprise for him parents and he was so patient with the whole painting project...wait, paint, wait, paint.

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