Clutches by HawkFan




Aug 22, 2014 - I saw this clutch on the Art Gallery blog and had to make one (or two, or three...). The first one is for my daughter. Who doesn't need a little black clutch and her school color is crimson. The lining is a fun oval elements fabric. It looks more pink in the picture but it's actually a burgundy bow. Then I made on for me for game day in Hawkeye colors - black and gold. More to come...

I do have to say I found the tutorial to be very challenging. I tried to use it for the first bag and had to do a lot of retrofitting to get it to work because I couldn't figure out what you were supposed to do. It looks fine from a distance but it's pretty rough in spots. For the second one, I used the tutorial to make the bow and attach it and after that I used a pattern I had bought. So much easier and it looks better. 

Aug 24, 2014 - made two more -- a second one for my daughter and a second one for me. She chose the blue water fabric for the inside. She also saw some elephant fabric I had and loved it so I made a small zippered coin purse with the key ring for her and used a science fabric for the interior. It doesn't have as much contrast with the exterior as the other bags but it's such cool fabric and so appropriate for her I couldn't resist. My second one is black and white so it will go with more than just Hawkeye black and gold and I brightened up the inside with a fun pink fabric. The small zippered pouch was based on a NoodleHead tutorial.


Second one for my daughter
A second one for me
A little coin purse/key chain for my daughter
inside the coin purse
Crimson and black
Hawkeye version





Very original !
(And thanks to you I learn two new words today ! I didn't know "crimson" and "burgundy" wink )


These are awesome...and you will be very ready for game day and very fashionable!!!


Thank you Florence - that's interesting since burgundy comes from the color of the wine in the Burgundy region of France smile


True Thanks Mary! My daughter already has another fabric combo picked out.


These are just precious. Nicely done.


Thanks Charwirfs - they're easy to make once I figured out my own way of doing them.


This absolutely adorableness has got to stop!! Love them all. I just love the fabric on front of your daughter's...the colorful!!!


HawkFan These are adorable Hawkfan. Very cute and no wonder your daughter adores them!


Thanks True smile they are addicting to make. The black with the colorful lines is my favorite too. I'm probably done for a while although I could use one of the small ones for myself......


Carolmarie Thanks Carol. My daughter already has it packed away but I believe it's about 3x5 inches or so. You start with 4x6.25 inches before sewing and there's a little bulk in the seams so you lose more than just the seam allowance


Conniharns Thank you Conni. She's gotten a little more "girly" since she went to college so she likes this kind of stuff more than she did a couple of years ago. Doesn't hurt that she gets to pick out the fabrics she wants me to use.


So damn cute!!!! And what makes me think she's going to ask you to make these for her friends at Christmas? Just too cute!


Terryt1955 Thanks Terry - we have talked about me making something for her secret santa

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