Christmas Placemats by Clairealex


Norway pine block


First I won a FQ set of Debbie Mum's Jolly Christmas. Then I got the Christmas tree/placemat idea. I made one trial.  I may omit the green square in the rest. Or I may add green triangles in the inner row. Not sure yet. One of the fabric prints is Christmas tree onaments--I wonder if that somehow communicated with my subconscious to come up with the plan?

There are several FQs with large Santas. First I was going to fussy cut them, but now that I am thinking placemats, I think they will become the napkins.

9/14/14 I experimented with several color options.  No ripping planned. The first set will be a mix. And I'll know what I like best.
I tried all cream and just red "ornament" triangles. 

Another option would be the traditional two color arrangement: green and cream. I might do that another time. Then I'd call them Christmas trees in season and pine trees otherwise.

Because the FQs for the napkins have black background, I tried two black "ornament" triangles. I think if I end up mixing colors I should have more than two black triangles.

I tried adding four green triangles thinking it might make it look more like a tree with ornaments. I think it just makes it look dark.

I'm a thinkin' I like all cream the best. How about you all? 

Next to make the triangles to set the block on point, then add the pieces to bring it to placemat size and then quilt. Oh, and to hem the napkins.

9/15/14 It occurred to me to do the Black and White effect for a value check.

5/10/15 This has been finished since before Christmas; I just forgot to take a photo. My daughter was supposed to send one, but I wanted to close this item, so am doing so without photo. Will post photo if I ever get one.


All cream?
Black triangles?
Placemat and napkin, first try with napkin and green square
More green?
Desaturated for value check




My personal favorite is "more green" but they're all pretty.


The black worked out OK in there, but it sure isn't needed. The green, cream, and red work together nicely to provide plenty of contrast. They are pretty.


Siffstitch Thanks. I did a value check to see if there was any contrast at all--hmmm, yes there is some. Charwirfs Thanks.

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON