Day of the Dead wall hanging by HawkFan




Sept 14, 2014 - I will probably do a mini a month for my daughter this year since she loved the pillow a month during her freshman year. I got the inspiration from +Charwirfs - she also had the skeleton fabric and I loved what she did with them here. I told her I was going to steal her idea and this is what I came up with. Went to my first quilt guild meeting last week and the speaker mentioned using prints for your background as a way to challenge yourself and this seemed like the perfect project for that. I didn't like the first fabric I picked - even with the black frames, the skeletons were still lost in the background so I picked another fabric from the same line. It's African Daisy by Dan Bennett. I did use the original fabric as the binding (called Pollen) but since it's so small, you can't tell it's a different fabric.

I saw a technique on Instagram for raw-edged applique that I decided to try. Since I wanted the skeletons to be wonky, applique would be so much easier than piecing. The woman who posted the technique stitches around the applique piece 3 times, very close to the edge of the fabric. She showed what it looked like after laundering it several times and it looked great. I was game to try it but was worried about accuracy. I spied my blind hem foot and had a brainstorm. I used it to stitch very close to the edge of the skeleton fussy cuts and it was very accurate! I love that technique - fast and accurate. I may do more raw-edge applique in the future given how easy it was.

I had some fabric from the same line that I used for the back but there wasn't enough of it so I supplemented with Daisy in graphite (from the Figures line-Zen Chic). I didn't have quite enough of that either so I used another skeleton to patch it. I also used the Madre skeleton for the label since it's for my daughter and she occasionally calls me Madre. I also used that one on the front in the top left. Since this isn't really a Halloween mini, I thought I had to have a small nod to Halloween since it's one of our favorite holidays. They don't really match but I fussy cut Sebastian the cat from the Ghastlies line of fabrics. 

While it was great to use fabrics from the same line, it turns out the front has a white background but the back has a cream colored background. I wanted to use a print for the binding but nothing I could come up with matched to my satisfaction. It is a wall hanging and it wouldn't really matter if it didn't match the back but it would matter to me. Time to try a technique I've read about (and pinned) - double-sided binding. Wasn't difficult at all and now all that's left is hand-sewing the binding down on the back. 

Sept 15, 2014 - Finished sewing down the binding and am really happy with the two-sided binding. Ready to ship of to DD by the end of the month!


finished back
close-up of the two-sided binding
Just have to sew down the binding
Back with a plain blue binding
Front laid out and pieces stitched down
using the blind hem foot to applique
The back of applique piece - look how accurate the technique is!
first plan - eventually discarded





Charwirfs - here is the project you inspired. Thanks for helping my creative process!


Very excellent. Love this...front and back. I have never seen the companion fabric. Love it too. I have found some cool floating frames to turn the mug rugs into a more art-like look. I will post pics soon. I am entering them in a gallery show so I thought maybe I should frame them. I do use raw edge appliqué quite often and have found that it does hold, however I love the turned and hand stitched edge. Love your brilliant idea to use the blind hem stitch. This is really cute!!!


Charwirfs Thanks Char. I like your use of the fabric better with all the colorful fabrics but I'm happy with this and I'm sure my daughter will like it. Looking forward to seeing your updated pictures


It's awesome, Audrey! I like that background fabric better than your first choice - allows those blocks to really pop! Well done!


Caribousmom Thanks Wendy. I just had to see it with the pieces sitting on it ready to stitch down to realize the first one was too busy. I was a little concerned I wouldn't fine a good background and I'd have to start all over.


Mine work better with more color because I set them one at a time HawkFan . I agree, set together they need a calming ground so each dead dude and dead dudess can be appreciated. I love the fabric that ended up being overwhelming. The whole piece is deathly charming.


The print background--the right print--is a great idea and worked well here.


Charwirfs I love that Char - "deathly charming" smile


Thanks Clairealex - I tend towards less "busy" so this was a little stretch for me and I'm happy it worked out


Just love everything about this and the new things your tried. And was waiting to hear how you liked the new tip around sewing appliqué!! DD will love this...


True Thanks Mary - this is definitely one of my "she was in her experimental phase" projects


How fun! I love this. I love to see projects inspired by other projects. We all can learn so much from each other. I'm in an improv robin with +charwifs and she has always been great inspiration for me!


oops, I meant Charwirfs


cally68 That's one of the things I love about TB - the sharing of projects and the inspiration we can gather from others.


OMG, this is so darned cute. I love the off kilter setting. The day of the dead theme will be perfect for Halloween. You are such a nice mom. Your daughter's room will be the hit of the dorm.


Thanks Seeneed - she was sad when I told her I was done with the pillow project so this should be a nice surprise

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