Mini Step Down Quilt by Caribousmom


A step down


September 14, 2014:

I signed up for Sarah Fielke's Big Techniques from Small Scraps class on Craftsy and recently decided to watch some of it. The first class instructs the student how to do "step down" piecing - a technique that is a little tricky at first (it uses partial seams and has you constructing the quilt in sections rather than rows), but becomes easier as you get used to it. What I like about the class is that Sarah teaches you the technique for a small project so you can see if you like the process. Her new book Quilting From Little Things, has bigger projects using the same techniques if you decide you want to do a larger project.

I felt really inspired to try this project and pulled out some fabric I bought some time ago that I love (I've included a shot of it) and decided to use some low volume fabrics with some pops of red to showcase this fabric. I knew when I started cutting the fabric for the 4" squares that it would have a look of a pieced that really made me excited to see what I could do.

Because the top was so colorful, I chose a cream fabric with tiny red dots...and then used some red/salmon diagonal stripes from Bonnie and Camille's Scrumptions collection for the binding.

I mimicked the step down construction with straight line quilting (you can see it best form the back).

The piece finished at 16.5" X 20.5" - so either a cute wall hanging for the sewing room, or maybe a table topper.





What a great little mini and you finished it so fast! Great idea for the quilting


Love your latest mini...awesome fabric


Wendy, What a cute and colorful quilt! I recognize the little red house fabric and remember when we bought it together :)


Carolmarie LOL Carol - I've used partial seams a time or two to correct something when I didn't want to tear a whole piece out.




HawkFan Thanks, Audrey. It came together pretty fast once I got the hang of the technique (and it is small!!). The quilting just made sense to me. And yes, I think we have all done partial seams from time to time to avoid ripping apart a top! LOL!

True Thanks, Mary!

Carolmarie Thanks, Carol! I found the process interesting and at first it was a tad confusing. Because you are sewing a lot of partial seams as you go, and then going back and joining them, you have to finger press...and so I felt like things were getting wonky. But eventually it all came together just fine and got easier as I went forward.

Dtscrapper Thanks, Paula! Yup, I totally remember buying this with you!!! And those little houses are so cute! It was fun to pull out some of my favorite "finds" for this little quilt!

Charwirfs Thank you :)


I took that class too and am really looking forward to trying this technique. Thanks for sharing your project. I love the blue polka dotted accent fabric you used!


dinder1 I found the technique fun once I did a few blocks...hope you'll have fun with it too! The polka dot fabric is actually a charcoal (even though it looks blue in the photo!)...I wanted something dark so I'm glad it worked! Thanks for your nice comment :)


Carolmarie I don't know how often it is used. Sarah Fielke's book goes into detail on how to do it...and she uses it often, I think. It is just a different way to piece and gives you some leeway in terms of construction of blocks.

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