Emerge in Madrona Road by Caribousmom




September 16, 2014

I'm taking the Angled Class from Rachel at from Stitched in Color and this week we are learning all about diamonds. This quilt is called "Emerged" and uses 45 degree diamonds to construct the star.

There are five quilt patterns in this class and I've chosen to work on two over the next couple of months (the other quilt I will be constructing is Tangential which is here:


Emerge is essentially an over-sized Texas star which falls off the left side of the quilt (you can see Rachel's version here). It will be machine appliqued to a background fabric (I just ordered 2 yards of 108" wide cross hatch fabric in black by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman for my background).

The star is made up of various prints from the Madrona Road collection by Violet Craft for Michael Miller. I am really excited about how the inside star fabric reads when it is all pieced together.

I finished stitching the star today...just waiting for my background fabric to arrive!

October 3, 2014:

I finished the quilting, binding and washed and dried this one last night! I decided to do a little extra quilting using straight lines and echoing out from the star - I used yellow thread to give the effect of light emanating from the star. I used a little of the blue sprout fabric for the binding along the star edge, and some text fabric for the rest of the binding around the other edges. This one finished at 60" X 72".






Wow you are just whipping these out and putting me to shame!!! ;-). Love the fabrics...just read the blog for this lesson a little while ago. Cannot wait to see with background fabric!


Thanks, Mary. I just had so much fun I didn't want to stop. I have never sewn diamonds before and have always wanted to make one of these stars. I was amazed at how quickly it came together...but the blocks are huge and so it is fast. If you make this one, make sure you sew all seams with a true 1/4" seam as I do think that is why everything matched up so great. I only had to rip 3X and that was just due to some sloppiness on my part.


Caribousmom I loved doing the diamonds in my Simply Candy quilt...which I need to finish. It was so amazing when it all worked...so fun eh???!!! I will do some version of this quilt but not sure this one of do a regular lone star...but have to get some other things caught up first!!


Carolmarie yes I am doing class but I am not sure I will actually do quilts...I wanted the techniques. For this one may make a regular lone star...not appliqué but who knows!! There is one quilt she will include I think I will make at some point...it is called Star Bright.


Carolmarie Thanks, Carol - LOL! But let me tell you, it is not terribly hard...just need to take your time and cut carefully and make sure your seams are accurate. Rachel is giving some great pointers and so I am really pleased with the results.

True I wasn't sure I wanted to do applique either - but once I read how she had us doing this, I changed my mind. I'm actually excited to do it as it feels kind of like appliqueing dresdens but on a larger scale - and I like you you quilt it at the same time you are appliqueing it. I love Star Bright too! And LOL re: catching up. You probably have noticed I am making no headway on certain quilts...and I seem to be just finding more to start!!


Carolmarie Most are not appliqued, Carol. Most are constructed by piecing into the background using Y-seams. So this is a different way of constructing them.


Wow Ms. Speed Demon - beautiful and so fast! This is one that I wanted to do but definitely not happening in the near future. I'll live vicariously through you wink


HawkFan LOL. Thanks, Audrey!. I am here to tell you, thought, it goes together fast. I had the whole star done in about 6 hours and that was with taking a lunch break and included the cutting. The diamonds are HUGE.


I LOVE IT! I want to make one. It is just too cool. Great job. Can't wait to see it finished. The fabric is perfect. Cant wait to see it on the background fabric


Quilt455 Thanks, Cathie! It is so easy...you could definitely make one!


Beautiful! I also love the way the fabric at the center of the star looks when you put the pieces together.


Caribousmom Wowee Turbo....you done outdid yourself on this one!!! Really nice. Love the fabrics!


Readerowl Thanks, Karen!
Conniharns Thank you, darlin'!


I admire the precision of your piecing !


Florence Thanks, Florence! I really took my time to make sure things were lined up, but also Rachel (who is teaching the class) gave us some great pointers that made things more accurate :)


Wow! How many hands do you have? I'm very intimidated by diamonds but very much want to try them. I love this. It's beautiful!


cally68 Thanks, Valerie! Don't be intimidated...they are actually easier to piece than triangles. And you can cut them from strips just using your ruler. You should try them!


Okay, one more thing I need to come up and learn. I have not only shied away from diamonds, I've run from them. But this is just way too cool to ignore!


Terryt1955 no, no, don't run from them! They are actually easier than triangles and look at the cool things you can do with them. I'll teach you, Terry :)


Carolmarie smiles Me too :)


Wow fast and gorgeous!! Love it and really love the backing!


True Thanks, Mary! This one really grew on me :)


Love it and it is even more gorgeous in person. You pick up on things so quick, jealous 


This turned out amazing. I just love Madrona road, its one of my favorites.


Just gorgeous! Seriously glad you don't live close to me because I'd have larceny in my heart wink


Very cool. Love the way the star is "rising" onto the front.


One of my tops favorites. I know I always say that but I can not help it. I love it. Having is "fall" off the quilt is just wonderful. You my friend, rocked it


Cseawright Thank you! Just lots and lots of practice :)
Skynme Thanks, Erica :) One of my favorite collections too ... I'm glad I finally found a project for it!
HawkFan LOL! Now you sound like Conniharns !!! Thanks, Audrey :)
Carolmarie Thanks, Carol. Hmmmm - not sure what flower they are supposed to be. That is a big cut from the Madrona Road collection.
Janquilter Thanks! I hadn't thought of the effect of using a dark background, but you're right, it does cause the star to really "emerge!"
Quilt455 Thank you, Cathie!

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