Frozen inspired "Anna" dress for A.S. 2014 by Speattle


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Well, I still have to finish a bit of the earlier Elsa dress I am making for Granddaughter #1, but I needed a break from it for a while.  You might even say I had to "Let It Go" for a few days, :wink:

I worked on Halloween t-shirts for the grand kids earlier this week and today I got started on the Anna dress for Granddaughter # 2 (#1's baby sister).

The pattern I have is as small as a size 3, but A.S. is only a size 1T in patterns, so I improvised the dress out of another pattern that I know fits her.  I used the shape of the other pattern, but lengthened the bodice and drafted a piece to be the black vest portion of the Anna dress.  I had fabrics in my stash that worked for all the parts of this dress. I will also make a simple cloak to complete the costume.  The dress will hit her about mid calf so no danger of tripping over it. 

For the floral designs on the front I used green rick-rack and then cut out flowers that were printed on a couple of stash fabrics I had and fused it all to the dress, then stitched them down.  The pictures I've seen of the costume shows gold trim on the dress bodice, so one package of jumbo gold rick-rack was exactly, and I mean EXACTLY enough to trim out the front and back bodice and go around the dress hem. 

This dress and the Elsa dress are going to be made without sleeves.  I tried the sleeves for the Elsa and they are so narrow.  They just looked uncomfortable and so I removed them.  Both girls can wear stretchy white shirts underneath for warmth on Halloween, but have the choice of going sleeveless if they prefer (and since they are moving to Hawaii in a few weeks, sleeveless is a good option.) 

October 20--- I tried to take photos today of both sisters.  They were too interested in moving around in their dresses to really pose for the camera, but I will keep trying to get a good photo.  I got the cloak made yesterday and it works really well with the dress. 


Both of them keep looking down at the fronts of their dresses, LOL!
With big sister "Elsa".
cloak partially constructed





Oh the cuteness!



Thank you! She does very much fit the description of "Cute" , in this Nana's humble opinion smile

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