Improvi Robin Group 5 FINISH 4/2015 by BlueFigQuilts


Top Assembled


Starter block is an easy disappearing  nine patch.  Fabric is from a fabric charm swap of kaffe fassett.  The colors really pop and there's a lot of color!

UPDATE! Our Improvi Group 5 is completed.  I received my quilt top today! and OMG!  The work that was done by these talented group of ladies is AMAZING!  I am so thrilled beyond belief! 

November 2014 - I mailed my starter block to Sue (sizzlewaggle) and she added the diamond border and she included a muslin signature block to be sent on with the quilt top which I forgot to add with my starter! I love the diamonds addition!

December 2014 - Next up was Jill (pillowfreak).  She added applique circles on squares.  They are a wonderful addition!

January 2015 - Karen (Sunseak) had it next and she added a much needed blue squared border.  I love the blue squares.  It balances all the wonderful colors in the quilt! 

February 2015 - Melanie (sparklebarbie) added the colorful wedge borders. Adding another rainbow of colors! It's really getting BIG!

March 2015 - Ann Marie (16muddyfeet) added the wonderful houses around the whole quilt.  That was way too much work! but so greatly appreciated.  I can't believe that she did all that for my little nine patch block.. 

April 2015 - The last stop was with Char (charwirfs) She stated that the quilt top was completed and her addition of the tye dye scrolls were just a little something extra that was needed!  and she was right!  It's perfect.

I am so honored to have these ladies use their talents on my little block.  I am not a very improvi kind of gal.  But I am so glad that I joined this little bee.  It has really helped me step out of my comfort zone.  I have made wonderful friends on this little journey.  Thank you all again so much for  your hard work.  It's been so much fun.  I hope I can get this quilted soon! 


She's home
starter block





"Sew" many possibilities with this one. Great colors to work with. Nice starter block!


Ooooh! And it is coming my way! I love the variety of images and colors! This will be fun.


Sizzlewaggle yes! I hope it makes it there. I put 4 stamps on the envelope. Let me know if it arrives. if not, I can whip up another one ..


I have lots of color waiting, can't wait to see what others do with this one before it comes my way.


I have some dazzling ideas for this... oh... looking forward to this block.


I have your block for Jan. I love it. I wish I knew how to get pictures on here. I may take it to Ann Marie & have her do it. Pillow Freak Jill just finished her addition & she has as much trouble with the web site as I do. But it is terrific.


Great! I cannot wait to see what y block has been up to! Have Fun!


Oh, Man! Do you love that or not? It's just beautiful. I'm posting my completed top later today. Everyone did a super job!


Sizzlewaggle I LOVE IT SO MUCH! IT IS so BEAUTIFUL! I can't believe it's mine.. just can't believe it


Looks wonderful. Lots of great colors and designs!


I think this one's amazing! How lucky to have it end up in your own space, BlueFigQuilts !!!! I'm having a little quilter's envy.


Simply gorgeous!


Wow! How did I miss this final reveal! It's awesome!!

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