My Funny Valentine - Needle Turn Applique by Caribousmom




Recently I signed up to take Sarah Fielke’s Big Techniques from Small Scraps class on Craftsy. I love Sarah Fielke’s sense of color and design…and something about learning to needle turn applique just appealed to me right now.

Life goes past in a blur. There are weeks I can hardly remember where the hours went, especially now that the days are growing shorter. Sometimes it is just nice to slow things down.

I had fun pulling fabrics for this small project (including some fun Aboriginal prints I was hoarding) and I really enjoyed the hand work of applique. Also, for the first time, tried a little hand quilting (which I didn’t enjoy quite so much, but was glad I tried it).

I used a pretty piece of fabric for the back – something that popped with a burst of red.


quilting detail
Back Reveal





I really love pretty and different...and fun.


Caribousmom Nice job, Wendy. I took that class too, and thought Sarah Fielke was a really good teacher, and she packed a lot into that course. Though I have not done the same projects, I've returned to the needle-turn and other segments a couple of times to refresh on techniques for my own work. I love your interpretation of the design, really love your colors. I too found the hand work a nice, meditative change from machine sewing.


This is wonderful. I love needle turn applique although I doubt I'll ever have the patience to do much of it. Love projects when you can use those small scraps you've been saving forever. Good work. Did you learn a lot from the class?


Oh Wendy this turned out absolutely beautiful. The fabric choices you made..kept the look of a modern appliqué. I love it. Fun to have something to work on and not tied to the sewing room!! This is fabulous.


True Thanks, Mary :)
Sizzlewaggle Thanks. Glad to hear you also really liked the class. I agree - she is a great teacher. What I loved was the space in her class to make projects your own and also the sort of free piecing/cutting that allows you to really have fun with a project.
Carolmarie Thanks, Carol. I was always a little afraid of needle-turned applique - but it is surprisingly easy. If you've ever hand sewn a binding, you can needle-turn applique as it is essentially the same stitch. Plus Sarah gives great tips to make it easy.
Seeneed Thank you!. I learned a lot from the class. There are several projects and I've done two of them...but plan to do more. It is a super fun and different approach to quilting that I really enjoyed.
Conniharns Thanks, Conni :) It was really fun to get this completed. It is not perfect, but I learned a lot and am eager to try more of this.


I just love this - it's so fun and bright and a little bit funky!! This is a technique I really want to learn because I'd love to do a Hawaiian style pillow. I'll get there some day.


You did so great on this and it is much brighter in person. Can't wait to learn this technique. I will be thrilled if I am a 3rd as good at it as you are.

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