Improvi-Robin Group 5 by Sizzlewaggle


In Progress


Maxine +Bluefigquilts sent me the first starter block for the Improvi-Robin round 5.  It is so colorful!  I love the combination of colors and I found a bunch of scraps that blended.  I even added some corner stones fussy cut from a piece of Hoffman Challenge fabric from this year.  I hope she likes my addition.  Now, all I need is an address to send it on to!  I wonder what's happening with my safari block in Florida!?  

For round 2, I received Anne Marie's starter block, with top and right border additions by +Charwirfs.  I liked Char's addition of a pop of orange-y red to complement the blue.  I was fresh out of skeletons and spiders, but I found some ladybugs among black and white spirals, and some nice orange fireflies on a black background,  some bold black and whites, and a couple of slivers of an aqua batik with more black spirals.  I added the left hand side and bottom borders, maintained the same width as Char's, but broke from the regular geometry with some improv-pieced wedge shapes.  The next person will have some choices!  

Here is the round 3 block I received, "before" and after my addition.  It seemed to be going into a pattern of repeating borders, but I was hesitant to add another one, so I changed it up a little with a black, starry sky and some gradations fabric to pick up the colors in the center.  I'm not sure whose starter this is, but I got it from Anne Marie.  

THE BAD NEWS FIRST: The Round 3 I sent off to Char got lost in the mail and as of today (2/25/15) is still lost.  We will have to re-create it.  I'm so sorry about it, but everyone has been so great about it.  We'll fix it somehow.

THE GOOD NEWS is that today, I put Round 4 in the mail to Char, this time with a tracking number.  This was a fun round, and I was pleased at my idea to continue the "raise them up" theme that has developed, and that I found a selection of fabrics to use that reinforced the theme and works with all the colors in the piece that I received. 

THE BETTER NEWS:  My lost Round 3 came back!  It has been sent off to +Charwirfs, and we are all relieved.

Round 5 - It's now March 14, and I have completed my addition to+Sunseak 's starter block and sent it on to +Sparklebarbie in today's mail. I added some more circle appliques to echo Char's round, and some orange-y shades to contrast with the purple pinwheels.  

This is a very fun group process, I'm loving it!


Round 5 - Karen's starter, with my addition
Round 5 as received from Ann Marie
Round 4 with my addition
Round 4, Jill's starter, as received
Round 3 my addition at top
Round 3 as received
My addition Round 2 (left and bottom)
Max's Starter
My addition Round 1
Char's and my signature blocks





O.M.G.! I Love it! It's amazing! clap clap


Great addition to this starter block. Nicely done.


"Now, all I need is an address to send it on to!

I'd be happy to send you mine! wink


BlueFigQuilts , Charwirfs , Speattle , thank you! It was fun to do.


I love your addition, it ties in perfectly!


Nicely done. Very Improvi! Great prints pulled from your stash and I love the wedge shapes you added. Love the way all the color and shapes are working in this WIP.


Thanks Charwirfs I didn't want to get too matchy-matchy, and I'm trying to strengthen the improv side of my brain!


Sizzlewaggle THANK YOU for adding a signature block for me. I have your addy so I will reimburse you for the block.. :) I should really read the rules prior to starting a project. I did read it but there was such a long wait for our group to get started! So, really, it's not my fault that my mind forgets after so many days..


BlueFigQuilts never feel the need to apologize to me for forgetfulness. That seems to be my specialty these days. Cheers, Sue


Love the starry sky addition. The darker, bright colors bring the eye back towards the center, especially the rays. We are reaching the stage in our rounds when the pieces are getting large. Adding something to them becomes even more of a challenge. Nice addition!


Charwirfs , thanks! You are right, it was a challenge, and it is getting pretty large. I loved all those geese flying around the edge, and was thinking how they might just carry the center off into the wild blue yonder, but even geese settle down at night! Plus, I bought a roll of those gradations fabrics and have been experimenting with them lately!


I really like your flying geese, they work well with this quilt!


It is great to see this starter grow! Nice addition!!


Love your additions- some really great colors in these!

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