Double Sided Modern Quilt by Seeneed




About 2 years ago I made a baby quilt for my daughter's best friend.  She was having her first child so I wanted to make her a baby quilt.  The nursery colors were turquoise and orange and she had a very modern design esthetic so I found a fun pattern and made her a cute quilt.  About 18 months later she has a little boy but I was busy with numerous things and didn't get around to making a quilt for her new baby.  However, when her son was about 3 or 4 months old she asked me to make him a quilt and offered to pay me for it.  I've never really made quilts for money because I feel bad charging for all the material and the time that goes into them.   I end up just asking to be reimbursed for the materials.  I make quilts as a hobby and to do things that catch my interest.   So making quilts for money isn't really on my agenda unless there is something new and different I can make challenging.

She sent me two pictures of quilt tops she wanted to have one on each side of the quilt.  Both were pretty easy although one was set on point which I'd never done nor had I ever done a two sided quilt so with those two things as new challenges I agreed to make the quilt.  I asked some friends for advice about doing two tops and they suggested I press the seams open rather than press them to the side.  I went on line to find how to do set in triangles and I was off to the races.  After I put the designs in EQ7, I ordered the required fabric and I finished in about 1 month.  Not hard and it turned out much better than I expected.  She wanted me to quilt around the squares of the on point side and I warned her that the back side might look funny with that quilting and she said that was okay.  Ended up the quilting on the back doesn't look too bad.  All in all a learning experience which is something I strive for.





the quilting looks great on the "back". Great job on the quilt


This is lovely you did a great job on this!


Skynme HawkFan thanks for the feedback.

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