Improvi Robin Group 5 by BlueFigQuilts




Round 1 - I received Karen's block first.  It is a pretty block and I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with it.  Everything I came up with was YUCK..  then I looked through my scraps and I had these strips.  So, it's simple but I think it makes the pinwheel pop..  I hope you like it so far Karen... 

Round 2 - I received Sue's block from Anna Marie.  Anna Marie did such an awesome job!  I didn't know what I could do to add to the starter.  First I had to find some fabric to go with it..  Had a bit of black and grey..  and Sue had included some of her fabric.  I like what I added. 

Round 3 - I received Jill's block from Melanie.  It is pretty but kind of dark.  I wanted to add some light colors.  I had a sparkly bit of yellow fabric from Michael Miller.  Who knew I had this!  LOL..  I thought it would fit perfectly!  I added the border of yellow harlequin squares.. 

Round 4 - I received Anne Marie's block from Melanie.  I added the pink and black border.  I love that color combo. 

Round 5 - I received Char's WIP from Jill.  The first thing I thought was WOW.. everyone has done an amazing job.  I have Kaffe Fassett fabric from a swap and the colors matched up pretty well with the theme of the block.  Frida now has a path to visit the houses on the horizon.  I know it's a simple addition but I like it.  I am improvised challenged.  I admit it.  I cannot just let my imagination take over.  I wanted to do a water fall..  but I didn't know how to accomplish that..  :( 

Round 6 - I received Melanie's WIP from Karen.  It is so bright and colorful.  I added two borders of "rick rack".  I think this one was my favorite to work on because of all the color!  I will be mailing this back to Melanie in Minnesota.  I think she will love what we all have added to her block!  I'm sad that this is our last round.  It's been so much fun! 


Rd 6 My addition
Rd 6 Melanie's WIP
Rd 5 my addition
Char's WIP
Rd 4 my addition
Rd 4 Anne Marie
Rd 3 - Jill S
Round 2 -Sue K.
Rd. 1 I added colored squares
Karen's Starter





BlueFigQuilts , Max, I think you did a great job...and you left plenty of elbow room for the next person. Well done!


Sizzlewaggle Thank you my friend.. :) it was really bothering me all month! I looked at it every day.. and couldn't come up with anything good.. :( but in person the colors are pretty colorful and bold... and I think it looks good..


I love it..Just got home from trip to Michigan..I need to catch up on everything. I gave the block from charwitz to sparlebarbie (melanie) before I left. She said she would post it for me. I love the additions we did. My mom passed away after years of dissolving mind, ( alzhiemers) bittersweet. I need to move on and get busy creating, she was a great inspiration to me to live for today. She told me many times on a bad day, get up, dress up, make up your face and get moving. You will feel better & she was right.


sunseak I'm sorry for your loss. I lost my mom last year. She was my best friend. I miss her so much! It seems that you have great memories though and that will get you through the sad days!


Catching up here--it has been a crazy busy month so far, but at last I'm off until after Christmas. A good thing since I am not at all ready for it.

sunseak condolences. I cannot imagine how hard a time it was for you and I hope that both your mother and you and your family can now be at peace.

BlueFigQuilts I love what you did with my block! It is looking very good and I am loving the surprise element of this adventure. Nice work. I'll be posting my round 2 addition tomorrow, I hope.


BlueFigQuilts Max, I love your addition to Jill's starter, it looks like a gilt frame! It really brightens it up. Nicely done!


Sizzlewaggle I could not go around the whole block as I did not have enough of the shiny yellow! :(


Max that is the beauty of improv, you don't have to be boxed in!


I love all the blocks. I am having so much full with all the ones I have worked on. You have done a great job on these, love your additions.


This is really pretty. Nicely done on round 3.


Great job on Round 4, Maxine!


I loved what you did with Ann Marie's block - the hot pink & black look great! isn't exciting to see how these quilt tops are progressing - they really are a work of art! I just mailed Bluefigs this morning... I had a blast sewing the qt. rays on the field of inky blues... they really pop! It reminded me of a small block of houses tucked in a garden. Have fun with the next round; I'm excited to receive the next round.


Wow! This is so beautiful! I am so excited about getting this back and finishing it. I am almost finished with the two other improvi/robins I participated in. They are pretty fab too!


I love the way this one turned out. Each time, it seems that there's no further to go, and each time, someone finds the way!

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