Go Team! shirts for the grandchildren 2014 by Speattle


Embroidery & Embellishments


Alas: These happen to be in the package that has not yet made it to the receivers! The post office has managed to re-route this particular parcel back and forth across several states over the last 9 days.  A case number was assigned to find the package.  It made it to the correct zip-code post office by Christmas Eve where it was to be flagged and held for my son to pick up.  He went there and it had been sent on to a holding facility area of the place he works (it was originally to arrive at his office address) and won't be available for pick up until early January!!!!!!  ARGHHHHH..... why did they not just hold it like they did the other packages.  I spoke on the phone to several people at several post offices, including the one in the zip code and they held the other packages, but not this one!  I had hoped to get a group picture of the 4 kids wearing these together, but 2 of them fly back to their home in Hawaii before the package will get there.  Oh well...  The packages with the toys arrived and that is probably what the kids care about the most anyway, right?

I bought 4 shirts (found on clearance, one as low as 97 cents!) for my grandkids.  Two of them are short sleeved because the kids who are getting those live in Honolulu. 

Then  I machine embroidered a logo from our favorite hometown team.  I hope they all have good reason to be wearing these shirts in 2015!

The kids getting these range in age from 1 year to age 4.




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