"I Can Do It" Book by itsvictoria08


Sewing for Kids


I'm sewing a soft book for my daughter. She is only 8 months old, and the "pages" are more advanced than her skills right now, but she will grow into it, I think. I'm designing it all as I go, flying by the seat of my pants, I guess. :) I like crafting this way.

I wanted to make a soft book for some time, and finally found inspiration in my Nana's old sewing table I was given after she passed in 2012. I finally dug around inside and found some fun notions, including a huge button stash. Somehow that inspired me to start working on this book using scraps and random oddments.


  1. "Make My Bed" features a bed with attached pillow and bed posts (faceted beads). Then there is a "sheet" and "bedspread/quilt" that is only attached at the bottom of the bed.
  2. "Fasten My Shoe" has a shoe on it with two Velcro straps.
  3. "Count To Ten" has 5 strings stretching across both pages with a number of beads on each string (actually very thin ribbon). The idea is that the beads can be slid across the ribbon while counting.
  4. second page of "Count to Ten"
  5. "Zip My Coat" has a "coat" that is attached completely with a short zip in the middle.
  6. "Button My Shirt" has a shirt that is only attached at the far edges for easier buttoning. Two buttons in the middle.
Everything is done out of quilting cotton scraps, so required hemming and turning under raw edges to prevent fraying. This would have been a much more straight-forward project if I had used some good felt, as those edges don't fray. As it is, I had to really engineer each little piece. Most of the pieces are lined so that I could turn the piece right side out and just stitch it on, instead of fiddling with turning edges under.

I didn't have any fabric markers and didn't want to buy any, so I embroidered all of the text and designs myself.


front cover: "I Can Do It"
binding with decorative leaves
back cover inscription
pages 1 & 2
page 1: sheet and bedspread to make the bed
page 2: two Velcro straps on my shoe
pages 3 & 4: slide the beads to count to 10
pages 5 & 6
page 5: zip my coat
page 6: button my shirt




You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON