Drawn together by Skynme


Drawn together


This is my version of Drawn Together for the Little Quilt SAL

More information on the design seeds option.

So I am doing the Sew My Stash 2015 challenge on IG and one of the problems I have is picking colors and fabrics...I spend more time pulling fabrics and putting them back and getting frustrated then actually making the project. I also tend to not use certain fabrics I have because...well I don't know why. For instance 3 of the fabrics used in this mini I have had in my stash almost 2 years and never used. Anyway I got an idea to use http://www.design-seeds.com/ to help me experiment with color and fabric.

Each day they post two color pallets. On the day I decide to pull fabrics for a project I have to choose one of the pallets for the day (even if I don't like them). I can't look at the pallets every day and decide which one I like, it has to be random, and on the day I decide to pull fabrics. I give myself a limited time to pull the fabrics so I am forced to be quick. Then I have to find fabrics in my stash that coordinate with that pallet and use it in the project. This time I chose the color view pallet (I would never have picked this on my own), and then pulled fabrics from my stash according to that pallet. I actually had all the fabrics picked and ready to cut in about 20 minutes...which is still too long, but its a work in progress. I am not happy that I put like colors so close together, because now the center stars do not Pop, but its a learning experience for me.

Anyway its just something I want to try and do to help me experiment with  my stash a little bit more.






Beautiful fabrics and color choices! It almost has a bit of a "cinco de Mayo" feel.


I love this one really enjoy your fabrics and colors...I was thinking it reminded me of Italian pottery.


I agree, it is great and Italian pottery does come to mind.


Beautiful, love your bright cheery fabrics and colour choices. Still wondering if I have time to give this one a go - very tempting.


Sewhappy Quilt455 True cally68 thank you ladies. I'm using design seeds pallets to pull fabrics randomly from my stash. It forces me to work outside my color comfort zone and use what I have. I think this was the fastest fabric pull I have ever done. The day I decide to pull fabric I have to use whatever pulls up, so it will be totally random each month.


Designs seeds pallets??? More info please, Skynme


Yes Skynme more info? What is it?


Skynme I know about the website- she does great color palettes - but are you in a program in which you must use the palettes?? and are you only pulling fabric once a month? Intriguing!


Carolmarie Thank you!!!
cally68 Mymble Quilterinmotion Its a little crazy, but I added more info to my project so you could see my process. I am doing two monthly mini SAL's and I will be using solids for the other one and pulling fabrics the same way. I wont like all of my mini's but it's just something fun to try.


I love this. So different from cally68's mini quilt. Going to be great to see everyones variety. The design seeds is a good idea. I may use this when I need to pull fabric although my collection doesn't have a huge amount of colour in it.


Capetowngirl I am excited to see everyone's variations also. It's such a great little book of quilts. I am only using design seeds to help me be brave with colors and fabrics. I tend to be very structured and need to be more creative and think outside the box.


This has such a vibrant and rich look! Design seeds sounds like a cool idea. I love that you included the pallets!


Thank you for your info Skynme . Somehow I missed out on hearing about Design Seeds until now. I'll be checking them out.


I love that you're pushing yourself by using the Design Seeds palette. It looks wonderful


HawkFan Thank you! I didn't think I would like it, but it grew on me.
Quilterinmotion no problem, I love looking at the different color pallets for inspiration
1kadybug Thank you!


Love your process, Erica - and the more you do this, the easier it gets! I love this color palette and I love how your mini has its own unique character. It is so fun to see the different versions of this and how different fabrics give it a different feel.


These colors/fabrics are awesome, Erica ... wonderful in their radiance and depth ...


I just love your process and you are so brave!!


True nachtpedalquilts Caribousmom thank you all for your kind words!


Erica, thanks for sharing the seeds design site. I too seem to stay within several color families so I am going to try using this site too. Will help me think outside my little box.


Quilt455 They have some beautiful pallets to choose from especially if you don't do the random method. I like to look at it for inspiration some days.


I really like how you quilted this. And thanks for the info on the color pallets...I hadn't heard of Design seeds before.

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