January Little Quilt "Drawn Together" by Quilterinmotion


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I love this first quilt of the Little Quilts Sew Along.  It's paper-piecing, it's small and I get to use some lovely new fabrics I received last week in a Fat Quarter pack from Fort Worth Fabrics.   Ten beautiful aqua and red fat quarters.  The biggest decision was which ones to leave out of the project.

I cut all my pieces by the measurements in the book we all purchased "Little Quilts" by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger.  I decided to use the aqua and red fabrics exclusively, leaving out white which has been my go-to background consistently for some time now.  I made the decision to try using other background colors in these projects. 

This project got aqua backgrounds and the reds are the stars.   At first I thought it just might be a little too much but once I had them pieced, I realized my instinct was right. I guess you can't go wrong with aqua and red!  

I'm undecided about the two strips that are the next step.  I don't have a fabric with writing which they used so I'll mull over what I want to do. 

This was a quick fun project so far! 

1/24/15 I was finally able to get out somewhere to find fabric.   What a desert this area is for quilters!!!   Anyway, I found two fabrics with aqua and red in them.  Neither was a bright a fabric as I wanted but I settled for a "busy" fabric with lots of colors including aqua and red.  Then I chose red for the binding. 

Finished table topper.


January Finish
Front and Back
Drawn together
Fat Quarter bundle
Little Quilts book





Love your "wild side" with the nonwhite background! This is gorgeous.


Looks fantastic. Love the aqua and red together.


Wow! This is so vibrant- really wonderful. I can't get over how each version of this pattern stands on its own - so versatile - love yours and love that you took the leap to the non white background!


Thank you, True , Sewhappy and Mymble . I'm going to make a conscious effort this year to do more color backgrounds. I agree, Mymble , each one of these Drawn Togethers are so unique.


Your oval elements background gives this version a very different feel from the others. Love the bright colors you used!


I love this one. So bright and happy colors. Fabric is wonderful. Do mm you have a red/aqua print you could use for the strips? I think that would look pretty.


HawkFan , Thank you. I was choosing the various aquas based on size of the print as well as size of the space the print would occupy. I think the Oval Elements worked out great as well.

Quilt455 . I don't havec a red/aqua print but I do have some other red and white print; also a very pale aqua/white that I might audition for the job of strips. Thanks for your input; now I might have to go shopping to find an aqua/red print!


Love the red and aqua!


ArloDeanQuilts ,
thank you! I do too!


Wow - I love the aqua and red. Looks stunning. Not sure how I missed this one. Can't wait to see yours finished. I also am undecided about strips. Fabric I wanted to use is too short and with be the wrong way as it has a diagonal print. So back to the drawing board


Marsha it looks like you didn't tag this as being part of the little quilts sew along group. You might want to do that to make it easier for Wendy to include it in her monthly roundup.


The red and aqua are very pretty together. Love your block!


Love your fabrics ... they are looking fresh and vibrant ... I'm curious what kind of finishing you're going to choose ... ;)))


HawkFan , thanks for letting me know. I thought I tagged it but apparently not. Now it should be fine. Nina , thank you. Where's yours? nachtpedalquilts , I'm curious too! LOL I actually am waiting for the opportunity to find some aqua and red print so I can use that in the finish. Hopefully soon! Thank you.


Quilterinmotion Love the aqua and red combination. I wish you luck in finding aqua and red print. I have seen red and I have seen aqua, but I don't remember any with both colors. It would be a nice finish to a beautiful mini.


Drnic2c , I have actually had some aqua/white and red fabric. Unfortunately, none left! Add that to the fact that I have NO stores close by that sell fabric, it's taking me a long time to finish. Hope to get out somewhere this week to find it.


Beautiful border print - I think you took some chances with this and it paid off because it works as whole and has a great vibe


this looks great! Love the little floral border you used, the red and aqua combo is so pretty!


A really awesome finish...great adventure for you as well!!


Love the end result - very pretty


love the aqua and red! A print background is something I am trying to get better at. Great quilt!


Red and aqua is one of my favorite color combos. When I saw this I just lit up inside! Great job all around.


Mymble , thank you! You are right, of course. Chances...more than one...with this project but I love the end results. It pays to step outside the box you put yourself in. True , yes, it was. Thank you for the vote of confidence!! Skynme , the border was a chance I had to take and I'm lucky it worked out. Thank you.


Capetowngirl and HeartlandMarie , aqua and red just sing, don't they? I'm so happy it worked as well as it did. Thank you so much.


Wow, the border fits great to the star-fabrics ... You've done a beautyful job all around, Marsha ... ;)))


nachtpedalquilts , thank you for your lovely comments.


Love your red and aqua fabrics. Great finish!


Gardencrafter , thank you very much. I'm using it as a table topper. Love it!

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