January Little Quilt - Drawn Together by HeartlandMarie


Drawn together
In Progress


This is my  version of the January "little quilt". I've done a little bit of paper piecing in the past, so that didn't worry me as much as putting together my own color scheme. I've made it a goal to become better at working with colors this year and actually ended up being fairly happy with my choices. If I had it to do over, I wouldn't have used the green for the center color. (I think I would have used another blue / turquoise).

When I started I wasn't sure how I was going to quilt it. As I was working on the piecing, I was constantly thinking about this, and it started making more and more sense to give hand quilting a try. I've never hand quilted and starting out on a small project like this seems like a good idea. I'll update as I make progress. 

I actually found a Youtube tutorial on hand quilting by Sarah Fielke, which I'll link to here, in case it's of any use to anyone else. It helped me get a better idea of some of the supplies I'll need (besides what's listed in the book).






Love your version! I actually like the green center as well as the use of text fabric! Well done!!


Oh wow I love this and agree with Caribousmom I think the green is perfectand LOVE the text! Really lovely.


It looks great and yes to the green center also ! Enjoy the hand quilting - Sarah is a good teacher!


Love your little quilt! Great colour choices


I just love this! The fabrics and colors you used are gorgeous! Great finish!


This is beautiful! I like the green center. The text background gives the whole quilt a great feel. Thanks for linking Sarah tutorial!


Love your version! All your points line up perfectly. Well done!


Caribousmom , True , Carolmarie , cally68 , This is actually the first time I've used text fabric. I actually love it and have been trying to find the "right" project for it. Turned out this was it, so thanks for your affirmation.


Mymble , I may be back to ask for help on the hand quilting! I'm waiting for supplies to arrive. (I looked high and low in town and couldn't find everything). Stay tuned.


Gardencrafter Uhh, there was some ripping involved, but eventually... triumph (I also left all the papers attached until everything was sewn together and it helped keep things from stretching out. It's harder to get the paper out of the seam allowances, but tweezers help).


Sewhappy , Skynme , Thank you, and as I said before, I may be back for help on the quilting. smile


I am loving your version. So vintage looking. And I think the green centre works. Can't wait to see the end result.


Adorable! I love love love the fabrics you chose!


Capetowngirl & +lkadybug, thanks for the vote of confidence.


I also love your fabric choice, Marie ... It's awesome! Your PP-job is great done, every corner really fits ... ;))) Chapeau ... ;))) We have the same aim to join in this group, I have read. I've done it for this time and now I'm curious about your finished project ... ;) I wish you success!!! ;)


If you are looking for more "help" doing the hand quilting you'll find another great tutorial by Alex Anderson at Youtube ... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld_T-FTMyr0 ... perhaps ... ;D


nachtpedalquilts Thanks, Kirsten! I'm watching the tutorials right now. (I'm running out of time to get this little project done, I know.) I had a happy coincidence of dropping into a local quilt shop I had never been to (it's waayy on the other side of town) yesterday and found out they're having a hand quilting class on Saturday. I'm signed up! Will report back later.


What a happy coincidence, Marie! ;))) So you'll be a profi in the near future ... You are enviable ... ;) I await your report eagerly ... and I certainly want to see the results ... ;)

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