Improv Mystery by Clairealex




January 2015  
I pretty much have quit doing mystery quilts, but this one seemed different. None of this make-200-four-patches before you have a clue where they will go. Instead general directions that leave the individual with a lot of choice. (Clues are every two weeks; the first Jan 11, the second Jan 25--you could still hop on if you wished--link in "tutorial" spot.) Fabrics were background, neutral (with a broad definition) and six FQ or scraps. First clue, all I have finished, was to insert a line from one fabric through four squares, then to put borders on three squares. Borders could be two, three, or four sides, just so blocks ended up 15 1/2. Obviously the clue is more detailed at The Quilted Snail's blog.

February 8, 2015
I added the circle as per step #2. I have two weeks to ponder step #3, which has me stumped at the moment.

Feb 22, 2015 Step #3: Add triangles in 3 fabrics to 3 blocks; Add 2 rectangles that each link two blocks. My rectangles look like block borders.

March 13, 2015 Finally got to Step #4. Add a message (words or symbolic); Add 3 circles.

March 15, 2015 Step #5 Add "3" numeral or symbolically to three blocks. Add a square to 3 blocks. Can be one square or three.
Steps 4 and 5 are laid out and pinned, but since they are hand applique (don't have to be; I just choose that they will be) I haven't had time to sew them yet.

April 12, 2015  Step 6 was to add a rectangle covering two blocks. Done. And six stars. I passed. But I did add three squares (step 5) though only to two blocks. Instead of binding, I finished it envelope style before quilting, so when I finished quilting yesterday, I was finished!


Fifth clue
Fourth clue
Third clue
Second clue
First clue accomplished





Clairealex I am glad to see someone else interested in improv piecing here! I asked our Modern Block Party bee to do improv blocks for my month as queen, and I'll be posting the results in a week or so...still waiting for the last ones to arrive. I think this was a challenge for some, and very different from what some folks were used to, but they seem to have enjoyed the challenge and their blocks are all really great!

I'll check out this mystery quilt, too, although I may be too overcommitted to add it on to my long list! Thanks for sharing this.


Sizzlewaggle I enjoy improv, especially once I came to terms with it taking longer than chain piecing squares and triangles etc. I hear ya on being overcommitted. Sometimes I do have to remember there are a limited number of hours to a day. Maybe we should start a group for improv (that isn't the improvi robin)


Sizzlewaggle I started "improv experiments"


I like how this is shaping up!


Sizzlewaggle Thanks! I'm liking it enough to enter it in my local guild show. Still debating whether to go for adding the square as directed or ignoring that one.


Wow. If you need a good home for that, I love it! wink


This one speaks to me. Love everything about it! Nicely done.


It looks terrific. Well done.


Thanks Charwirfs , +Sozzlewaggle, and Siffstitch . Siffstitch, I'll remember your offer if it misbehaves. :-)


Oops Sizzlewaggle . Tiny keyboards can be a problem

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