Dinosaur baby quilt by Tenar




Baby quilt in progress, currently embroidering flowers and extra dinosaurs onto the top. There will be more photos sooner or later, so watch this space. It's my own design, as usual, and involves a lot of Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The stegosaur plates are prairie points, currently shown flopped down, but I'll put a few stitches in to hold them in place when I exhibit it.


Embroidery done





I am not help on quilting but this is amazing and gorgeous! Cannot wait to see done.


I love this so much ! I'm just going to ask in advance for permission to make one for myself- I love it so! As for the quilting - not an expert but I wouldn't do anything in the large spaces that would compete with the gorgeous pattern of the Dino. How much too depends on your batting- how much distance will it accommodate? Perhaps some large swirls in tone on tone colors I n the large area- like air currents? And then close edge outlining on the ferns and Dino? Just some ideas and hopefully some others will chime in so you'll have some choices- oh and did I mention how much I ❤️❤️❤️ this?


I agree with Mymble; you don't need a whole lot of extra visual interest. It's so beautiful already! Stegosaurus is one of my favorite dinosaurs. This is a gorgeous work of art!


I was thinking large waves to match hills. Then outlining the grass and sun in the border. Same with the dinosaurs and their limbs.... I can't imagine doing it all over design.


I love the prints on the body and the red scales echoed in the red ground. I'd match colors for quilting: blue or green for body, red for scales.Also red/yellow/blue for background. a sort of clam shell on the dino body might give a scale/feather look. I agree with echoing the hills. Maybe some fairly close back and forth (horizontally) for the blue and pebble or swirl up the grass leaves. Or wavy lines.


I think I must have written this when half-asleep, because I do actually have some of the quilting planned out.

Stegosaur - I'm thinking parallel zigzags following the top curve, which gradually turn into wavy lines then smooth lines by the belly. I'd have to check the diagram for the spacing, it's not around right now, but I think it was at least 1".

Hills - lines following the top of each hill, hmm, maybe 3/4" apart. I'm talking to someone on Etsy who hand-dyes thread so that it can be nicely variegated, and so that I can have a thread for each section. Should I just go for red/orange/yellow shades, or should I add in the odd touch of other colours? Bits of green for the top levels, pinky-violet shades for the lower ones, say?

Leaves - a couple of lines running along, also with variegated thread in greens.

Top border - a sort of cloud pattern, using bits of spirals. Someone linked me to zephyr quilting patterns which work nicely. Variegated blue.

Side and bottom borders - I have no idea but it will need to be very simple, as the fabrics are so busy.

Pterosaur - no idea either.

In addition to embroidering extra dinos on the background (backstitch outline, running stitch/kantha fill in a lighter colour), I was thinking of scattering tufts of grass around on the hills. They'd be on top of the piecing lines, and I'd graduate the colours as I did with the background to give a sense of depth.


I love this and your quilting ideas sound perfect. I would probably go just with the red/orange/yellow for the hills so the other colors don't compete with what's already happening in the quilt. For the Pterosaur, perhaps above the wings a v-shape to follow the shape of the wing and below maybe some wavy lines to suggest flight. Love the idea of tufts of grass on the hills


Love your embroidery additions. Really adds a lot


Just gorgeous finish!!

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