Birthday Pillow for HS BFF 2015 by Speattle


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Flanged pillow


A special birthday pillow for my high school BFF. She is going to be 60 this week! (gosh, I guess that means I am not far behind, LOL).

I got this fabric a few years ago and set it away in my resource center with this friend in mind. It makes me think of her. She lives out in the woods on 9 acres and there are lots of trees with lots of leaves of all colors, and it rains here a lot so there are lots of water droplets.

I love that this fabric has the earthy tones you would expect of leaves, but also some surprising jewel tones. Jewel tones and nature are what I associate with this friend.

For the first time I tried quilting a pillow cover with machine embroidery stippling. I was really nervous and took my time (pretty much all of yesterday afternoon). I am soooo happy with how it turned out.  I did it in 9 sections, repositioning the hoop for each one.  Because I had batting behind the fabric, I didn't need stabilizer and so re-hooping was really easy. 

The back of the pillow is another stash resource center bit. It worked well with the front fabric. I had a little strip of the front fabric leftover, so decided to use it as a trim piece on the pillow cover back. I found the “Happy Birthday” twill tape at Ben Franklin.

Tomorrow I will get the pillow form. It will hold a 14 inch form and have a 1.25 inch flange around the edge.

Inside pillow cover is completely lined with white cotton.

Update Feb. 25: got the pillow form inside the cover.


More stipple and close up ☺♥
Back of pillow



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