Good Night Irene by Quilterinmotion


Top Assembled


Last February I led my Alabama quilt group in the making of a scrappy quilt called "Good Night Irene".   It is made using an "X" block and a "chiclet" which is sixteen 2.5" scrap blocks in a 4x4 arrangement.  

I always have "leaders and enders" going after learning about them from Bonnie Hunter, blogger at  Making 'chiclets' is quick when you have a collection of 2.5" scrap pieces. 

Over the summer I kept adding to the X's and chiclets and put the quilt top away until I could be somewhere to spread it out and quilt it.  When I pulled it out last month, my husband saw it and decided it should be for our bed in the RV we have in Vermont AND he requested I make it larger than our other quilts so that it would hang over the sides of the bed more.   That meant adding more X's and chiclets. 

4/12/15  I have the quilt top finished after adding more strips to the sides.   Today I pieced 2.5" squares into strips to make a scrappy border for the quilt.  I also made extra X's and chiclets so I can have a strip of them on the backing. 

4/16/15  The quilt is done.  It's taken me the last four days to quilt it, and then to bind it. I stuck with some simple line quilting through each
"X" and a single line through each 'chiclet'.   I also quilted along each side of the pieced border. 

 I'm very happy with the end result and have decided to name it "Good Night Dear" as my husband was instrumental in the size it finished at so he'd be warm and he's very happy with the colors and look of the overall quilt.  A tribute to my man.


"Good Night Dear"
Quilt Top finished
Chiclet block
More 'Chiclets'
More X blocks
Quilt top in progress
2.5" scrap strips for border
Quilting on the home machine
Finished Quilt
Border and binding shot





a great way to use scraps! Now to get cutting them...


Clairealex , I cut 2.5" squares every time I have a little fabric left over. I put it in a plastic box that I keep near the machine so I can pick up two squares to stitch together as the beginning and ending of my stitching. It is amazing how fast they add up!


I keep meaning to do something like that...sometimes I cut as soon as I have finished cutting and have a small bit left. Usually they got into a box to cut later. Cutting 15 min every day has been suggested too. I do when I think of it (if I don't think of it just before going to bed (my cutting table is in the bedroom). Either one is a great plan. Now to do one of them.


This looks wonderful - love the pattern and especially in a scrappy versionī˜


Mymble , I have only seen one "Good Night Irene" that was a planned color scheme. It was lovely and I liked it so welll! All the others I've seen are scrappy and a great way to use up scraps. Clairealex , I usually cut right after I'm done with a piece of fabric and just have bits left over. Periodically, I got through my fabric bins and cut up anything that escaped my earlier "execution". Thanks gals, for your favorable comments.


Beautiful scrappy quilt!


Wow Marsha I really like it and I'm not typically a scrappy kind of person. So bright and fun


I actually have this on my "maybe I could do this scrappy" list as so love when I see others! But it is so hard for me to do...and tolerate the process of scrappy.


True , thank you! I am so in love with it. I'm not always a scrappy quilt lover; in fact, lots of them turn me off but I loved this from the moment I saw it. I think it's because it has a definite design and the scrappiness is secondary to that design. Many scrappy quilts are very random and I think that's what I don't like aobut them. +Hawkan, it is bright and fun; thanks for your comments and it makes me feel good to know I've overcome your scrappy feelings. LOL


This is just beautiful Marsha.
I am usually not a scrappy person either, I do like my order, but this quilt convinced me that there can be some order in scrappiness :-) Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful quilt !!!


libellenart , thank you! Yes, this quilt does prove there can be orderliness mated with scrappiness. Who'd have thought?!


Love your quilt. I asked for 'chicklet' blocks to be made by my bee mates. This would be a great quilt to make with them.


Drnic2c , what a good idea for a bee block!!! Clever girl. I can't wait to see what you do with them! Thank you.

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