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Ruffle top romper


I spent about 2 hours on this romper. I love how it turned out. I bought the floral fabric a few years ago on clearance from Walmart. I bought two "sampler" packs, each 1/2 yard. I only used one pack for this project.

I modified the romper to fit my daughter who is only 13 months. The original dimensions are for an 18-24 month size. I was aiming for a 12-18 month size. I based all of my measurements and cuts off of a romper my daughter already has that fits her with a little growing room. I took 2 inches off the width and length of the body pieces. I also took 2 inches off the length of the ruffle piece, but ended up having to take off another 1/2" or so in order for the ruffle to fit around the top of the romper.

The tutorial was sufficient, but a few parts were slightly unclear, and I ended up just doing what I thought best.  But the tutorial isn't written as a full pattern, per se... more as a "this is how I made this" sort of deal. And that's something I totally get. I appreciated the blogger took the time to give any instruction for such a cute little romper!

I modified the legs of the romper based on the tutorial for turning a dress into a romper from the same blogger (linky). In that tutorial, she starts with a dress that has a 1" hem already. So, in order to get the cute little ruffle on the legs and also have a pretty finished hem, I hemmed the dress with a 1" hem, then followed the second tutorial to add the elastic and snap bands.

I used some vintage snaps I found in my grandmother's old sewing machine cabinet that I inherited. She had two full packages -- I think each has 8-10 snaps on it. I'll try to include a picture of the packaging. These are snaps that you hammer on. I found the instructions on the packet sufficient, and hammering the snaps was a lot of fun! I placed three snaps, purposely putting them pretty close together. I was a little worried about my daughter's chunky legs, so wanted plenty of "give" around the leg area.

I really, really love how this turned out, and I am very proud of myself. It's the first real garment I've sewn from a pattern/tutorial, and look how cute it is! I would recommend this tutorial for anyone interested in making a romper. And I LOVE the tutorial for turning a dress into a romper! It is so perfect -- how many dresses do crawling babies have that they can't wear because their knees get all caught up in the fabric? But the dress prints and top designs are SO CUTE, I hate that they don't get worn! If we ever have another girl, I'll definitely be looking into altering some smaller dresses to make rompers because it was pretty simple. :)

Hope to get pictures up tomorrow. I finished this after Sprout's bedtime!

I'm a little disappointed. It doesn't fit very well. It's about 1" too short, and the legs could use another couple of inches, at least. It's not the elastic that's too tight (or I'd replace it!), it's the actual leg openings in the fabric. The top also could use another inch or so. And the straps were placed too close together and too close to the edge, so the straps fall off a lot. That would be pretty easy to modify.

First, I'm going to see if this fits Sprout's friend, who is 4 months younger. If it fits her better, the ties could be altered if needed, or they can be tied halter-style. If it doesn't fit her either (she has pretty chunky thighs too!), I'll consider it closer to a 6 month size and pack it away for another baby.

A little bummed, but that's how it goes with tutorials like this. I probably shouldn't have made any size adjustments. Then, if it were too big, I could more easily alter it to fit.

Ah well. Lesson learned. It's still cute, though!


romping? :)



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