Ladybug Quilt by Juline


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It started with a thrifted piece of ladybug fabric and grew from there. All but three of these fabrics are thrifted or left over from other projects. The large-print, not-quite-matching fabric on the bottom is a three-yard cut I bought years ago before a hospital stay, thinking I'd make a decent hospital gown. But I was just starting to sew and didn't understand any of the patterns I'd found, so I skipped it. (And my mom ended up making a couple flannel ones for me. :smile: )  I'll probably use that for the back. I don't have an immediate plan for this stack, no pattern selected, but pulling fabric is fun and I hope to make a baby quilt this year sometime.

5/29/15...I still haven't picked a pattern (though I'm considering this because it looks fast), but I'm already planning the back.

6/3/15...I've decided on this pattern. I thought the mushroom fabric I picked up was perfect, but it's not printed on the fabric correctly, so my panel is going to be crooked. Any suggestions, or should I just save it for something else?

6/21/15...I narrowed down the patterns and ended up buying the yellow polka dots when I realized all the rest of the patterns were made up of circles. I've got a back planned that might end up demoting this one.

Starting to think about quilting. Maybe a different design in each panel. I saw this FMQ tutorial yesterday and thought it would be great for the sunflowers.


How perfect is this for the back?!





That is going to be adorable!


I love love love these fabrics!


Great fabrics - and Zi love your approach - it's fun to just let it evolve do to speak - whatever you end up doing with these fabrics, you have a great mix there - those giant ladybugs are crazy!


Most of my quilts end up happening this way, Mymble . I've finally (for the most part) stopped wondering why it seems my quilts take me so much longer than other people. I don't usually follow a pattern to the letter, I always, always make changes and personalizations. I need to just relax and enjoy the process, because I'll never make ALL the quilts. ;)


What a great happy quilt!


Where is the yellow fabric with giant sunflowers from? Do you know it's name?


It's from a line called Summerhome, released a couple years ago.


Thank you!


What a happy, pretty quilt...really love it!


I love that you share your design process when you post your projects. It's fun to read about the evolution of each one.


Thanks, HawkFan . I like to read other people's design/thought process, so I assume there are others that appreciate it too.

I was in such a rush to finish this simple quilt, I didn't study placement of the fabrics long enough. If I had, I wouldn't have put the two smaller prints on top right next to each other. It would be more balanced if I switched the yellows. Oh well!

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