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My small world
In Progress


I am feeling like I may be a little insane, but I have decided to join the My Small World quilt along being hosted by John, Kerry, Megan, Danielle, Lisa, and A Colorful Life. People are posting their progress over on Instagram with the hashtag: mysmallworldQAL if you want to see other quilters' interpretations.

I started Part I today and simply began picking through my huge mounds of scraps, making decisions as I went along. I chose to use some blue in my sky (there are kites and dots), and also cut a strip (rather than a square) of some flying geese. So far, I've managed to complete about 3/4ths of Part I. The piecing is tiny and so there is a little wonkiness in my construction (although I am not worrying about any of that!). I am also trying to not use templates unless I absolutely have to...instead I'm doing the math and using simpler construction techniques (for example, I made HSTs and trimmed them down for the pinwheel blocks rather than cut 1.5" triangles!!!!). I also used a stitch and flip method to make the roof of the house on the bottom left and also the arrow.

I am planning to make my quilt a bit larger with some of my own creative ideas (the quilt as written is 33" X 52"). I want to add a river below the town, and have some countryside represented (since I live in the mountains). We'll see if I end up having the patience to do that!!


Most of Part I complete
lower left corner of Part I
sky detail
Top section of Part I





Kudos for taking this on - it is a terrific pattern - looking forward to seeing it come to life - and I love your modification ideas!


Mymble Thanks for the encouragement, Margaret :) Some of these pieces are as narrow as 1/4"!!! and the sky pieces are mostly finishing at 1". Kind of nuts. But, it is actually a bit addictive making this quilt.


I love what you are doing and how you are doing freeing and creative. Will be wonderful to watch this become!


I've seen these on Insta and have wanted to join too (but no way that's going to happen). Love what you have so far and I can't wait to see yours develop


HawkFan and True - it is very fun to see it developing - I wasn't sure I was up to it when I got the pattern and realized how small the pieces were...but I am enjoying the process. Thank you both for the encouragement :)

You can download the project as JSON data.Download JSON