A Sweet Little Kitten Dress by Knitwit


Sewing for Kids
Sweet little dress by leila & ben


This is my first attempt at sewing clothing for my daughter (and really, only my second attempt at clothing, ever).  I fell in love with this pattern after seeing these cute examples of it and decided to see what I had in-stash that could work.  I had recently accidentally purchased two half-yard pieces of this kitten garden print in the same colorway, which was a bit less than the pattern asked for.  For her size, the pattern calls for 1 full yard, but I learned from my mother that with efficient pattern piece placement  you often do not need so much. It didn't help that the fabric was rather askew and I lost a good couple of inches getting it on grain.  (Lesson learned: from now on if I want a workable 1/2 yard, I'm ordering 5/8 and hoping that will do it.)  Because of this, I was very slightly short for cutting out the top.  (All told, I used one of the half yard pieces minus a couple small scraps.  I didn't touch the other one.  It will live to become another project.) I had remnants of handkerchief linen sitting around and decided to play with piecing the two together to make the top.  It seems to have worked out pretty well and I'm happy with how light and airy the top is.  There is a ton of room for her to grow into it and thanks to the sleeve design, she should get many years of wear out of this piece.  Now I need a serger to make finishing off seams easier, and I'll feel more confident they're going to stay put.

I already have plans to make several more of these, both for my daughter and as gifts for other little girls in my life. :cherry_blossom:






Love this! I really like the linen top - I think better than if you'd had more of the kitty fabric. Looks like a great pattern.


This is very cute! I love the two different fabrics, looks like it was meant to be sewn this way. :)

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