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Divided fabric basket


I have wanted to make a divided fabric basket for the longest time.  I had a very bad experience with a tutorial online about a year ago and that really put me off making a divided basket.  That tutorial was poorly written and even for an experienced quilter, I could not create that divider to fit the exterior.  

I happened to be reading a blog, as I do often, and found one where the writer was showing off her Divided Fabric Basket.  I immediately had basket envy!   She went on to say how easy the basket was to make and the directions written so well.  I went off to find the pattern and immediately ordered it from Noodlehead.com   

Last night I decided to use some older batik fabric I've had around for several years (I bought lots of it and had used  it and used it.  Now I can say I have no more!)   I also had picked up some sweet fabric at Joann's yesterday that happened to have the same teal in it so I used it too.

The pattern was a pdf so I bought it Sunday afternoon and had it ten minutes later.  Then came the problem.  We don't have a printer here in the RV this summer so I had to send the pdf to my daughter and request that she print it out and bring it along to the game we were going to that evening. 
She did, and I did and now I have made a Divided Fabric Basket and it is awesome, if I must say so myself.  The pattern was easily followed.

I copied the pattern pieces on other paper so I could keep the originals intact.   I actually put it on freezer paper and then could just iron the freezer paper onto the fabric and cut around it.  Worked great!   I can reuse it too!

I'm planning on making a shorter basket for the dining room table to be the 'catch-all' for those little things that always seem to clutter the table.  Toss them in the basket (it's a his/hers, right?)  and keep the table neater.  I'll add that photo when I get one made.






Great basket Marsha - and what serendipity to find a great coordinating fabric for your stash fabric- looks like you bought them together!


I love it and your fabric choices. What interfacings do you prefer for baskets?


The designer recommended a very specific interfacing SF101 or Pellon 808 and a fleece Pellon 987F BUT I did not have either. Since I don't live near a quilt shop I couldn't get them right away so I did what I always do, used what I had on hand.
I used a heavyweight Pellon bought at WalMart (no idea what # it is) and I used Warm&Natural instead of the Fleece which I didn't have on hand. I spray basted both to the exterior fabric.

Thank you both Mymble and Astitchaday


Awesome job!


Very cute!


Gorgeous. I love this little basket.


Thank you Ibtreerock , True and Capetowngirl . It's a great size for most everything. So many of the basket tutes I've tried make sweet LITTLE baskets.


Super cute. Did you find it difficult to do?


Definitely not! I expected it to be but her directions and photos were very easy to follow. I plan to make more of them.


I bought this pattern on your recommendation and I am in the middle of making one for a swap (not the one on TB) ANYWAY.. I love Anna Graham's patterns. They are very easy to follow. I print out the pattern pieces, cut and glue them to manila folders. and I have templates. This has worked for me for other patterns and I can save them for future projects. But I like the freezer paper idea. I always forget about that! I will post pictures of it when I am done.


Super! I'm sure you will find it easy to do. I look forward to seeing your version. I don't have a printer here with me this summer so I couldn't print out a bunch of copies. I had my daughter make one and that one I will keep whole and use the FP for actual creating the bag. Your manila folder idea is a good one as well.

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