Embellished shirts for grandkids 2015 by Speattle


Embroidery & Embellishments


All the items here were store purchased.  Some at the Old Navy clearance rack, some at the new Goodwill store that just opened up in my neighborhood.  The items from Goodwill were brand new!  I guess things that people had gotten as gifts and decided to just donate! 

Because I was embellishing, all items were machine washed first. 

So here is a description: The two red shirts with "EXIT" on them are for my 3 year old grandson.  He loves "EXIT" signs and I've made him several shirts previously with the same design.  The kid insists on growing out of them though, so it was time for new ones.  The long sleeve one will hopefully fit him next winter.  The short sleeve one is for immediate use.  The "EXIT" is off center to the right, because the shirt came with a left front pocket.

The swim suit and pink shirt, and blue shirt are for grandson's little sister.  It is a little tricky embroidering onto a swimsuit.  I chose a small, not too dense design.  I didn't hoop the swimsuit, but spray adhered and pinned it onto the stabilizer.  I feel sort of guilty buying a swimsuit when they are so easy to make, but at less than $2.00 on clearance and the perfect size, I felt it was the right thing to do----this time.

The pink shirt design was something built into my machine and a design I've used several times before.  I love the look of it.  However, for some reason, today my machine was not loving the variegated thread, and I had about a half dozen thread breaks over the course of the 3,400 stitch design. 

The blue shirt has birds from another applique design I have because this granddaughter loves birds. 

The yellow shirt with the appliqued shells is for my 2 year old granddaughter who lives in Hawaii.  The shirt was the perfect size, and just her color. The shells were first fused and then stitched. 

Nothing for the oldest granddaughter in this batch!  I just didn't happen to find anything in her size when I went looking, but she is getting a couple of other dresses that I sewed up last week, so she won't be lacking.


group portrait
better picture of the blue shirt
Close up of swim suit
close up of butterfly (It does look better IRL)
sorry about the shadows, but close up of shells.



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