Boys Blow! (their noses) handkerchiefs 2015 by Speattle


Embroidery & Embellishments


I bought a pack of white handkerchiefs on sale the other day with the intent of seeing how I could embellish them in a manly way.  I am always doing little gifts for the ladies in my life with embroidery, but I have a lot of guys that I love too.

Since Father's Day is coming up I decided to to give a few away.  I'm not even sure if these men use handkerchiefs (don't we all use kleenex?  Seems more sanitary, but they are hard to embroider.)  My husband always carries one, but he also carries tissues, but there have been the times he's needed the cloth one and was glad to have it.

So I started out doing a few for my oldest son.  He is a dad to 2 of my grandchildren.  Also he has been working so hard in the last few years on a PHD and is nearly done!  His research has been accepted for publication in two scientific periodicals this year, and he has been invited to present at a national EE conference in a few weeks.    I'm so proud of what he has accomplished.

I did a set of 4 initial handkerchiefs for him.  I used different fonts and colors for each one.  I'm going to enclose a note saying how proud we are of him as he goes off to present at the conference and tell him that such an accomplished professional should always keep a proper handkerchief on his person.  Maybe he doesn't use handkerchiefs, but I think he will appreciate the thought and the stitchery. 

Then I had a couple more left, so I did one up for my dad (the one with the plane), as he is a former USAF Aviator, and one for my son in law.  His is a sailboat because he used to have one.

These were easy and quick to do.  I have the smallest size hoop (teeny oval one, about 3 inches) and it was perfect for these.  I could line things up on the weave of the fabric.  Each design is something built into my machine and a not very high stitch count.  I used wash-away stabilizer.  All the hankies were pre-washed, starched and ironed prior to stitching.


Why is white so hard to photograph?



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