Hanging Gardens by Terryt1955


Hanging gardens by cozy designs


I saw this quilt hanging up at the PQIF-Santa Clara and instantly fell in love, but I was too afraid to tackle it on my own. As luck would have it one of the LQS was offering a class so I thought for sure it was a sign. What I didn't know was the majority of the class was spent cutting so now I have to assemble it on my own. I think this quilt taught me I am spatially dyslexic. It takes me a whole lot longer than most to look at diagrams and figure out what is going on. Making the "kites" is no problem~ it's those little background pieces that are driving me nuts!
6/07/12 I am making progress on my Hanging Gardens quilt. I must admit the pieced border with the small squares on point had me perplexed so I folded it up and put it on the back burner. On Tuesday I brought it out and was determined to overcome my fears and just DO IT. I had to trim the quilt before adding the 1st black border because of course with all those setting triangles there was no way it was going to be even. It meant I had to lose some of the points of the background material but really, will anyone ever notice once all the borders are addeed? I think not. So I'm learning to LET GO as well (probably the biggest lesson ever!).
So now I'm ready to add the 3rd border. Originally it was supposed to be a green batik but when I held it up to the background it was lifeless. Back to the fabric store and after holding up numerous other batiks I came to the conclusion I'm going with a slightly wider black border than the 1st border.I'm envisioning this as a photo frame and since the room it's going in has a lot of black furniture I think it might just well work. Honestly I just want to complete it and move on. I hope I don't regret this mentality!

Oct. 7th: This has officially become a UFO. I don't even know where the pattern is much less the fabric I was going to use for the borders. Why didn't I finish it when I had it all organized!
Jan. 20,2013: I pulled this UFO out a couple of days ago and started designing what the back should look like. I had it all pieced together but hated it. I went to bed and woke up and still hated it. It looked like a circus tent. So I ripped out the offensive middle section and decided to go with a diamond pieced section like the outer borders on the front. All good in theory and it probably wouldn't have been half bad had I stuck to the softer colors as in the front. But oh no, I had to go all modern and only because I didn't have any of the fabric left over from the front since it was made up of jelly rolls. I thought by using the tan material that would tie it in. HA! MAybe if I had stuck to the tan and not used the white at all it might have worked. But now I have this very bright section that just pops against the white and makes absolutely no sense. But you know what, I'm just letting it go. I should rename it my bi-polar quilt or Jeckyl & Hyde.
    I did learn what NOT to do for any future attempts at piecing a back!

Jan. 22nd- Merrily on my way to basting. And since I can't see the back I'm a happy person today. I figure the same thing will apply while quilting it. By that time I will be reconciled to the back. Actually I've come around 90 degrees towards liking the back.

Jan. 29th- Finished the quilting. Yay! Now on to the binding and just in time to have a project to do in front of the TV since I'm sure this household will be watching the 49er's in the Superbowl. Funny, neither my husband and I are big football fans until one of the daughters was dating a college football player. I only got to see a few live games but because he was a Big 10 team we were able to see them on TV. All of a sudden I became a huge fan of college football. To be honest the Superbowl is more about the food spread than the game!


Detail of a block
Detail of another block
Close up of pieced border.
Backing that went wrong.
Using flash really points out the bright colors.





I love this quilt! I hear you on being spatially dyslexic this kind of thing is a real challenge for me (I discovered how bad when trying to do my first paper pieces block). But I love what you are creating...and about the misplace block...oh my! I am not sure I could live with it either but it does add interest...


This is so cool! It is amazing how a block can change just by putting it on point! Just lovely.


This is absolutely STUNNING! I love it. Lately, I have really been loving quilts on point...and although they can be a bit challenging, they get easier to piece once you've done one.


Thanks for the encouragement. I ended up taking apart the quilt so I could fix the rotated block and that made me sleep better. Now I need to finish up the 2 borders. One is a pieced border with the squares on point. Yikes, here I go again!


Can hardly wait to see its!! LOL (except it isn't really funny!) about fixing so can sleep...I so hear you I was obsessed about my swoon and it's "issues" and dreamt about it til knew all was ok!!


*its means it


LOL - I actually got out of bed in the middle of the night once to rearrange blocks on my design wall because I woke up thinking about the quilt and knew I wanted to change things. I was afraid I'd forget the new arrangement if I just went back to sleep! Yes, the word is obsession!!


You all make me feel so much better...all my little "quirks" are just part of being a quilter!!!!;-)


Well done on your progress, Terryt1955. Beautiful quilt!


I love this quilt and think you have done a beautiful job with it. I also think the second black border will look awesome! It is very pretty...


This is coming along great. I have no idea what you mean by losing points - I saw no lost points. So there. It's wonderful!!!


Ahh grasshopper (Caribousmom), you did not look close enough at the background as it intercepted the first black border. There are many points cut off. The good news, you didn't see it so no one else will notice it either! It will never go to "competition" so I'm fine with it. Like I said, I'm learning to let go and it feels good not to be so crazy.


I like this quilt. Made me think of birdhouses. If I have an error, like chopped off points or seams not meeting, I remember that no one is going to look as closely at the quilt as I am when I am making it.


And if they ARE looking that closely, then they are not really your friends wink2


LOL I agree with Wendy...tell them to get their nose out of your quilt;-)


Ah shucks Wendy and Mary and Chrissy, you make a girl feel good! Now on to the next part of finding extra wide batik backing. Any suggestions where to shop?


I've never seen this pattern before. It looks amazing!


Now for the back - first of all, make yourself a large cup of coffe or tea (whatever you prefer) take a deeeep breath and bite into a chocolate bar.
1. why does the back need to ty in with the front? remember my ribbonry, with the rainbow colours at the front? well it got a black, blue white plaid backing
2. if you find somone who can look at the fornt and the back at the same time - I want to meet them.
3. don't listen to yourself - you are having some deep running predjudices against the back, becuse it didn't turn out as you thought it would, so now you can't like the beautiful thing you made.
4. fold front and back really small, put in a shoe box, wrap a ribbon around it and promise me you won't look at it again before Saturday.


Strandkorbtraum Omg you just made my morning!!! LOL and ditto everything you said!!! Especially #2;-). And I happen to 1) love this quilt and 2) LOVE the back! It is all gorgeous so if you hate it too much you have my address and I accept gifts;-). Truly it is beautiful...


Strandkorbtraum you greatly cheered me up! Love your perspective and I think I will just fold it up for a week or so and come back to it with a positive attitude.


True And if I still hate it I'll send it on to you! I know you can always give it to one of your charities if nothing else.


Terryt1955 when you come back to it you will fall in love! :-)


Terryt1955 I am trying to find all the things you don't like about it and can't. I am with Wendy about if someone looks that close..... I hope it morphs into something you love by next week.


I love this and I enjoyed reading about your process! It's lovely.


YES!!! I love the new pictures this is truly a gorgeous quilt...and I love the "cupboard" you have it hanging in front of...


Gorgeous finish!!!!!


True Thanks, I'm glad it's done. I want to move on to something more modern and bright!


This is lovely - well done for completing it.


Thanks Capetowngirl and Carolmarie ! I saw this pattern made up with a white background and some bright happy colors and it was gorgeous. I just don't think I have the courage to make another one of these so soon.

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