July 4th Wall Hanging or Table Topper by Terryt1955


Top Assembled


This little table topper was offered as a Sunday Brunch class at a LQS. When I saw the sample I knew I had to sign up because I love stars. We made the flying geese units using Thangles so they are really HST's pieced together.I learned that it pays not to race and try to keep up with everyone in the class or else your stars are going to lose their points once assembled! I also learned, the hard way, there's a reason to engage the safety on your rotary cutter! While unpacking my stuff I reached into my bag and got "bit" by a rattle snake, or at least it felt like it. And wouldn't you know I had just changed the blade so it went through my thumb like melted butter. So stupid of me! 
This top is like a little jigsaw puzzle trying to figure out how to hook up all the sections. I know I'm going to have to face a Y seam so thought ought to be interesting. I want to explore thangles again only in a more relaxed setting.....
Tackled the dreaded "Y" seam and I won. It really wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. It's like listening to other womens accounts of childbirth only to find out that they were trying to freak you out. So I did my Lamaze/Bradley breathing while finishing the top and what do you know...a table topper is born! Now on to the borders and binding.....

May 30th: Added the navy border but have come to a stall. After my family said it looked like a swatsika I lost all interest.

October 2012: Never finished this in time to hang it for July 4th or Labor Day. Another UFO.






I love this...the pattern and fabrics! May have to do one at some point for one of my BFF who loves stars and the 4th! But...I will modify it slightly to NOT have to do the y seam. I have done them but would prefer not and looking at this a slight change in cutting would eliminate the need for them I think;-). I just learned about thangles from another poster on here.


This is really cute and I can see why you were drawn to it. I love the colors...use them in non-patriotic projects too. Ouch, on the blade injury...I don't know any long-time quilter who has not had at least one run-in with a blade.


What a great pattern! I am looking forward to seeing it all stitched together :) So sorry to hear about your injury. I've been cut a few times by a rotary cutter and it ain't fun!!!


This looks great!! And you give me inspiration about y seams;-) It is so often not helpful to hear all the "horror" stories...felt that way about Swoon. I wrote some where if I had read all comments before I tried it I would have run in other direction and it all worked fine for me. I really love what you have made.


True: I remember you saying that about Swoon and because of that I'm going to try it! Yep, we need to stick together and not listen to the horror stories. If we didn't we'd never progress past out first quilt.

Thanks for the kind words. I'm looking forward to adding the jaunty red poka dot binding.....


Is there a pattern one can get for this...I really love it and know my BFF would just love to receive this...if not I can use your pics and figure it out but a pattern would help. And the red polka binding is going to be perfect!


This turned out beautifully!


This is awesome. Love it for the upcoming holidays. Your points turned out really well. I, too, learned about the rotary cutter the hard way, but because I used to use one when building architecture models in college. Had an emergency run to the school's doc one morning with a bad injury and all I could think was "I hope I didn't get blood on the model." Hope you injury wasn't too bad and heals quickly!


Ditto for the pattern info. Your piecing is great! I love the movement the stripes and circles bring to the quilt.




Love this! LOL re: your little sign about Y-seams!!!! This is a really great pattern and you did a great job on this :)


SO does anyone else see a swastika in the background?? My kids told me that's what they saw and now I have no motivation to finish this project. Even my neighbor when she came over said the same thing and she hadn't heard any of the previous comments by my kids. I just can't muster any strength to continue on with this...


I know what they are looking at, but I do not see it as a swastika. Go ahead with your project. It is really nice.


That is not what I see...I am with Janquilter it is beautiful finish it and enjoy!


Really? I don't see that at all...and I went back and specifically looked to see it. I have no idea what they are looking at except maybe the rectangles...but if they are looking at those, they would really have to stretch their imaginations to see a swastika. How strange. I would finish it. It is a beautiful quilt!


Thanks Jan, Mary and Wendy. I feel much better about it now. Why do I listen to them anyway?!


I just was looking at this the other day...still love it!


Thanks True . Now I just need to finish it so I can actually use it as a wall hanging or I['m even thinking as a table topper for a card table size.


I like this too and I don't usually like the Fourth of July colors together! I hope to see it get finished soon!


Chandra Thanks. I think the secret is not to overdo it with too much star fabric and sticking to the red, white and blue in other type designs. I've seen some really nice 4TH of July projects using homespun/early americana fabric and it was delish.


Yes, and also it looks like your dot has a sort of medium/faded denim blue that I love. I just love denim, even as scraps my jeans stick around for awhile.


LOL... smile love the picture with note about the Y-Seams in it! Cute little quilt.


Thanks Carolmarie . Who knows, maybe I'll finally complete it in time for July 4th!


I love this quilt! Great fabrics and wonderful pattern.

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