Fairytale Swap by HawkFan




I saw a post on IG that a swap mama needed a couple of angels for the SPDFairyTale swap. That's not really in my wheelhouse so I waited but nobody responded so I contacted her to see if she still needed help. She still needed two angels but was willing to make both if need be. She said both were more into Hans Christian Andersen rather than Disney (even more outside my wheelhouse) but I asked her to send me the info on them and I would decide if I felt I could make something that would fit the preferences of one of them. Upon further research, one of them seemed to be a fan of Maleficient so I thought I could do something with that so I agreed to do it. I generally need quite a while to come up with an idea that I'm happy with so this was a real stretch.

I started with a beautiful dragon applique that I found on Craftsy. I had some great purple fabric that looked a bit like scales and purple and black are colors associated with Maleficient. From there I added Maleficient's horns and a somewhat abstract version of the neckline/shoulders of her cape. I put them on a gray background since she isn't a nice character but isn't completely evil either. I wasn't happy with it - there was too much negative space. I then added her scepter and found some great batik fabric that looked like it had light radiating out from the center. Still wasn't happy. I rummaged through my stash and found some Halloween fabric that had a raven that was a good size for the quilt so I appliqued that on too. I quilted it, added a label and put the binding on it. Still not happy. Time is ticking - my partner has already had to wait because her original person flaked but I didn't really like what I had made. Do I have time to start over?

Take II - A classic HCA tale is the Ugly Duckling - OK, I can make a paper-pieced swan. That character is generally considered "good" so I used a bright background for that block. I really liked the dragon I had done on Take I so I did it again. This time in a black "scaly" fabric on a gray background, again using gray because in fairy tales, dragons are generally "bad" characters. Many fairy tales involve kings, queens and princesses so a crown seemed in order. Those characters can be good, bad or neutral so I chose a neutral background. The background for that block is actually animal faces - chosen because they are also often featured in fairy tales. 

I found some great fabric in my stash that had the feel of some of the ornate borders drawn in some fairy tale books and used that for the back. I also made a thread catcher for her out of that same fabric. Included some notecards that had a quote about fairy tales, some jelly bellys with theme-related packaging, and some sciency fabric since she's a scientist. She just got the package yesterday and was very pleased.


Take II done
Finished back
Extras I included in the package
Sorry for the dark pic - thread catcher
Take I finished - moved the scepter and added the raven
Looks better - the yellow is too bright
Too much negative space




I love that you stepped in and helped and love both the minis. But your final one really is perfect. Love your thought process and reading how you came to make decisions always helps me learn from others. And you extras wow! One lucky partner to end up with you...I would still be stuck on what to make.


True Thanks Mary. I wrote out my thought process (for Take II) in the note I included and the recipient commented that she really liked that. I would not have stepped in if I didn't have an idea right away as often I am stuck for quite a while on what to make


I loved everything that made! You are amazing! :)


This is great. I know your swap partner will think the wait was worth it.


BlueFigQuilts Thanks Maxine, you are too kind


Thank you Drnic2c - she did seem happy and it was fun picking out the extras

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