July- Paper Pieced Star by Ibtreerock




I loved making these blocks, but found it was a huge challenge to anticipate how the final product would look. I am a little disappointed with how my green background block looks... I now realize, it is not enough to have different colors, but they need to have different color values! Both halves on background points and the foreground points are too similar in color value to their mates! Which I think, makes it lose some of the effect. That said, I think it photographs better than it looks in person. Normally, I would have unpacked it and fixed it. But you can't really do that with a paper pieced block once you have removed all the paper! I'm not unhappy with it… Just not as excited as I thought when I first laid out the fabric.

As for my other block, I have unstitched the center three times in an effort to line up my points. I give up! They are off by about 1 mm… And so it shall stay. Sorry Amy.

These blocks have been an awesome learning experience and I will definitely do them again! I love the random fabrics! Thanks +arosejarrett for introducing this block!

August 13, 2015- And one more for good luck! My center isn't perfect, but I'm really happy with the colors on this one (navy background). And off they go to their new home!






These are impressive - even in light of your misgivings - I do see what you mean about value- but regardless your green background block works - the other does more of what I imagine you wanted- each layer popping out distinctly and it too is awesome - whatever you saw as not matching up isn't visible- great job!


Thank you Mymble ! I needed to hear that!


The one with the green background looks different but not bad. The two blocks have a different feel to them but that's what makes quilts interesting. When the blocks are all together, they form interesting patterns and will pop in different ways. I would be happy to receive either (or both) of these blocks and I echo Mymble 's comment - the offset in the center isn't at all noticeable. There's a lot going on in the center of the block which pulls your eye away from the miniscule offset at the center. They look lovely


Ditto the above comments...these are awesome blocks. And I think you have hit on one of challenges with paper piecing is trying to figure out how fabrics will play against each other in the end. I always feel each new combo and block is a learning experience for me. Nice job and quilts are not meant to be perfect.


I love both of these.


Thank you so much HawkFan , True , and Readerowl ! I appreciate your feedback!! Man, I'm going to miss TB. I know flicker groups have been set up, but they're just not the same


You really got this right this time with the blues! All of them are nice but the blues just work the best. I agree that other groups will NOT be like this and we'll all miss the comments and reinforcement.

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