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Black and white cotton print pillows, 18", were first intended to be used in my guest room until I decided to go with a navy and white seascape theme. I love the simple lines and the crispness of the prints. They will end be a gift or be donated to a fund raiser. I enjoyed making them. So sorry to see ThreadBias come to an end. I would love to stay in touch with you. Find me on Instagram as CharWirfs and also join my blog, These are not commercial sites, just places to see what I have been sewing or photographing. Please PM me if you have a blog or site you want me to add. Thank you ThreadBias and I wish you well on future ventures.






Way to close out on a high note! These are beautiful and so is your project journaling.


I'm so glad you posted your IG name - just started following you (I'm @goiahawks). I've loved seeing all your creative projects over the years!


Thanks for posting your IG name Char - I'm mymble5 and just a note - improvi Robin actually has a long standing Flickr group - so if you wish to keep going with that simply search for the ImproviRobin group there


Just started following you on IG I am true2beeme



Does one have to own/use a smart phone for inst-a-gram? I use a basic flip phone for my cell, and a desktop computer for my computering. I'd sure love to keep in touch and see what you all are sewing once this site goes away.

There is another site that I had joined and have been becoming more active on, since the news broke about Tb a week ago: It has new owners and they are re-vamping things in the next few months. I have my projects over there too, but there is not much board activity.

Would love to see some of the Threadbias regulars there and perhaps we could have our own "circle' (their word for group).


I use apps for my phone and iPad, which I purchase and download on AppStore. Otherwise I use a desktop which allows a few more options when posting items. The apps are a little more limited, but are good for my needs when away from the desktop. Thanks for letting us know about


Mymble , you can do Instagram from your desktop.


Charwirfs , I just started following you on IG. I'm quilterinmotion there. I do have a blog but I think you know that.
Thanks! See you on the WWW.


Quilterinmotion you can look at photos and comment and like but you cannot post pictures directly to IG from your desktop unless you use third-party software. IG can get proprietary about it and might shut down your IG account if you're using one of these from your desktop (at least that's what I've seen reported)


Charwirfs I followed your blog. You (and others) can find me here: PLEASE NOTE: I have not kept up my blogging in the past few months, but my retirement day is this week, Thursday! I hope to get back on task and update it much more regularly from now on. I'm also on Flickr as Suz#1, and have already connected back up with some TB friends there. I will check out the ImproviRobin group there. Thanking Mymble for the tip on that! Cheers! I still look at the pix of Frieda's adventure from our IR group this year and marvel!


Quilterinmotion yes I know Marsha thanks - don't use it much these days bc of my eyes


HawkFan yup- have seen that too- good thing I dont


Speattle hi - just saw your question - hawkfan has it right- desktop is primarily meant as a viewing site but not posting or activity per se- it's design is intended for smartphones - will look for you on mysewingcircle 

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