Black and Gold Sampler Quilt by Terryt1955




This is from a class I took after doing my first 2 quilts on the fly. I learned HST, paper piecing, machine applique and how to cut accurately not to mention finding out that I wasn't sewing with a 1/4 " seam. It truely does make a difference! The fabric I bought for the sashing/borders is a beautiful gold polka dot that my teacher warned me was very stretchy. So with instructions to starch the heck out of it I am determined to make it work. I'm just set on this fabric and nothing else will do.
   I found the fabric for the blocks at the Santa Clara PQIF show back in October and have been sitting on it wondering what to do with it. I decided to incorporate the blue- grey fabric to give it a little subtle pop,if that makes sense. I wouldn't call this a popping quilt by any means!
  Can't wait to finish it and see if the strtchy fabric gets the better of me....
Well after starching the heck out of the sashing material I've competed the top. Just have to finsh the binding! When I hung it up I realized I had not distributed the blue evenly around the quilt but too late to do anything about it now! Don't know why I didn't use my design wall because that surely would have pointed out my glich. Poeple who make quilts will catch it right away but for the general public all they're going to notice is the color. I'm using the same gold paisley for the binding as I used in some of the blocks because I really like it,and usually I'm not much of a gold person. I think it falls in the bronzy/gold category and that's why I like it so much.
Now to finish the binding. I'll probably handstitch it since I like that finished look better and this quilt will be draped over the back of a chair so I doubt it will need much washing. That is unless one of the dogs uses it!

October 7: Still not bound. I also have a million threads to bury in the quilting. This ought to be real interesting with the fincky material I chose for the sashing.





Oh how I love samplers. This is beautiful, nice fabric choices. The blue does make it pop...just the right amount of popping. :)


This is very pretty...and cannot wait to see finished...and hear how it went with fabric:-). I love the mix of colors you chose.


I love samplers. When I used to teach beginning quilting I always started with a sampler. Great way to learn lots of techniques. The colors here are wonderful and I get what you mean about adding the blue.


Love seeing this one almost done! It is very pretty and I love the material you mention for binding. And about the blue as someone reminded me this will not be on a wall staring at you so no one will know but you!


Terry, it is a beautiful sampler. pppffftt @ your glitch. I hate burying threads. I bury them when I'm waiting for a saucepan to boil etc. Gets them done before I know it. waving the cheer leader pompoms


Thanks Sewnsew . What a great idea on burying the stitches while waiting for the water to boil. Knowing me I'll burn the sauce.


Terryt1955 I've been known to do that a couple of times! lol


Very cute, I love your fabrics!


Katisquilting Thanks! It would have been so nice to have it done in time for Christmas so I could drape it over a chair. Oh well, next year!

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