Not So Incy Wincy Bikini by Batsy


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Not so incy wincy bikini


My daughter is a little fish and loves to wear her bathing suits all the time. I quickly discovered the practicality of a bikini over a one piece; potty time. So much easier with a bikini. So...

I am trying to make a kids version of my existing pattern the Incy Wincy Bikini (but much more covered up). I'm not a fan of skimpy bikini on kids so it will likely be more of a tankini. Once I have a nice basic set I'd like to do some new adult and mini me styles.

 - So far so good, blocks are drafted and proportional grading figured out.

- Patterns done! tank, racer back and halter tops and basic bottoms. Marker made and sent to Kinkos for printing

- Picked up the marker and am ready to cut! 
A few thoughts: Contemplating adding a speedo style bottom for boys. Thou I have fabric I think I'll get new stuff so I can test in all the same fabric, saving what I already have for individual projects.  

- Picked up fabric for testing! Pink and green colour ways of lines with harts, 1 yard each. 

- Patterns tested, everything seems good. Just need to get my coverstich set up so I can finish them up properly. 

The wee girl loves them since the tops are long and she has a tendency to try to pull all her tops now are long as they will go. (Doesn't like having her tummy exposed) 
It took awhile (*cough* over a year *cough*) but I finally got my covers stitch set up and the bathing suits finished off. The little girl is nearly grown out of them but they turned out great!






I can relate to the "all the time swim suite" issue. When my oldest was 4-5 years old no matter what she had on in the morning by 10 or so she would have on her swim suit. I eventually gave up the battle and would just let her wear the swim suit as long as we weren't going anywhere. Smart mama to make several for your little fish to wear.


I love the fabric you picked out for your teat


VEry cute! Are you going to make the pattern available for purchase?


Speattle I will be. I just have to get around to finishing it off. (Grading, instructions, photos etc.) My patters currently for sale on my etsy page


Thanks. And where do you get fabric for swim suits? I find it rather hit and miss at the shops. Years ago when I was sewing swim suits in the 1980s for my own kids there was all kinds of beautiful knit fabrics available, but it is slim pickings today.

I've made a few for my granddaughters, but I'd like to see more selection of quality swim suit fabric.


I have had great luck with Harts Fabric in Santa Cruz (you can order online if you can't make the trip Another online option is, I haven't ordered swimsuit fabric from them but I have ordered others.

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