Bella Solids Parade - FMQ sample quilt by Emedoodle




Hey guys! It's been a long time since I posted on here ... you might say I was pretty busy. I've been co-hosting the Fat Quarter Shop Bella Solids Parade: Season 2 on my blog, which means every day I'm posting a new color of bella solids fabric and a bit about it - my friend Shruti is in charge, and we've both split up the colors to do posts on them.... which means some major stuff going on for each of the 10 colors I am responsible for. 

Ok that was a boring paragraph (but really check it out you can win a yard of fabric each day and a FQ bundle each week!). 

With the parade we've decided to work up a FMQ sample for each of the new colors - using different FMQ designs. This is one of the things that really drew me in to say yes to this project --- I really wanted to give those FMQ designs a try. Now I have!

The Parade is winding down and I've finished all my samples (as well as two extras to round out the size of the eventual quilt). I'm posting a mock-up of what the quilt will look like when it's all sewn together! I'm sure I'll fiddle with  the color placement a bit more too. 

The mosaic doesn't quite do it justice, the FMQ blocks will be 18" square, and the finished quilt will be about 54" x 72" - so a smallish throw quilt. :) 

I'm planning on joining the blocks using a method that hopefully will work out -- (lol) using colorful print binding tape on the back (the backs are all unbleached white). I'm really excited about this project!! :)





The quilting lines on that golden tone in the lower right corner make me think of an aerial view of desert sand dunes.


thanks! That one is one of my fave's those lines are about 1/8" apart... hehe. :) great texture!


This is amazing...I want more closes up of the quilting! really blows my mind to see such FMQ!


Wow and then some. I spent most of the night reading up on FMQ at this great site Caribousmom had recommended (A few and then to see this inspirational project makes me want to hole up and try it for a week straight. I'm kind of compulsive that way! But I've got all these kids coming home for the summer so it's going to be busy. There's always the Fall! On to your blog.....


I just went to your blog and looked at all of this FMQ up close...amazing and love the pictures of all the ways to use the different colors!


:) Thanks guys! - feel free to start following the Parade - it's pretty easy to win the prizes since we're giving away yards every day -- and there's still another week and a half - and two guest posters to go!

Terry if you're interrested in FMQ check out this book ( and her website -- the book is very new and I haven't seen it but can wholeheartedly recommend it based on my knowledge of Leah's website. ( Also there's a ton of info/inspiration/FMQ tips and tutorials here on the pinterest board I've been curating. (


Wow, this is such an inspiration project you are doing! I LOVE that house great. Can't wait to see this one all pieced together...


Meant: Inspirational - its been a long day!


OMG - just checked out her site - fascinating...and the video tutorials are awesome. I think I need to buy her book!


I have been watching her videos all weekend and reading her blog...she is amazing!


Thanks guys! :) did you guys see how she altered a cheap FMQ foot to make it better? It's fabulous - and especially great because my foot "broke" but in a good way. :) ...that video is pinned on the pinterest inspiration board linked up there. :)


Emedoodle is this by any chance Leah Day that you're referring to? I just found her last night and stayed up til 2 watching her you tube videos. Amazing that we're all ending up at the same place, if it is her....


lol yep that Leah Day! :) she's fabulous. I wonder if she knows that we're all up late talking about her.

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