Happy Birthday Mom Mug Rugs by True




My mom is turning 89 in August and I will be traveling to Michigan to celebrate with her.  I will be having a luncheon with 10 of her friends to honor her and have some fun.  I decided I wanted to give them each some kind of party favor but something with some class;-)  And something I can send anyone who cannot make it especially the ones that cannot make it for any reason. So I am going to make them each a mug rug.  I think my Mom will love it, as will her friends, it is something they can use and it will be from my heart and hands.  I have four of the ten pieced and ready to be quilted. 

It was so much fun yesterday as I truly dug through old and new stash (I think I found material from like the 80's and some is really ugly...it will be used to practice FMQing) and pulled out possibilities.  Some is from quilts, some from children's gifts, etc.and since I do not need a lot can use it for this and decided I will FMQ each as that way I can practice but small enough can maybe succeed or rip it out!  And hopefully when done will have enough guts to try quilting "Ladder of Hope" since it is going with me as well!  Next to each mug rug is what I will bind it with...and thanks +Jenib320 I used your tutorial for one!

Also thought was a fun way to try some different patterns like zig zag +caribousmom posted in a mini.

Update 6-18-12 the tops of mug rugs are all done...was a great way to try all kinds of things I have never done!  Like a string style block, another zig zag using a new method of making HST, etc.  It was fun to use stash and look at it...every fabric I used except the red and the print in the paper pieced star I have used in another project.  Those two I bought and they did not work with what else I had to were put away BUT I so love the print I went online and found it and I am going to order more and do a quilt around it!  Now onto quilting and binding but first back to work after 5 days off!

Update 7-8-12 All done and ready to go!  My sister and her family may be driving to Michigan sometime this month so realized if I got stuff done and ready to go it could be driven there and I would not have to sweat out shipping it!

Mug rugs are on their way to Michigan with my sister...and I just have to hand sew binding on the one of birds for my mom...it will travel with me:-)

Update 8-11-12 One for my mom is done!






That is a great idea. The women and your mom will love it. I have a neighbor whose mother is in a nursing home and I made her a mug rug. She loved it and talks abou it all the time. I made a few using sports team material and men loved them. (and women). They make great gifts. I love the ones you are making, too.


I love these and what a great idea for your mom and her friends. Many of these designs are ones I've planned on trying but couldn't figure out what to do with them. This is a great way to practice but still have a wonderful gift. I love your colors!


Thank you...everyone I have given one to has loved it so seems perfect and it is fun to have a quicker project. Two more worked on today and ready to be quilted ...one machine appliqué and one a wonky star.


What a great idea- and each one is special-they will love them. I have some of these fabrics- love the way you have put them together:)


this is such a terrific idea - and what you have done so far is great (really love that little zig zag!!!) They'll love these!


Lovely mug rugs! It's wonderful that you took pictures as you went along. I always forget to do that. Aren't these wonderful for using up scraps?


What a lovely idea! Hey, quilting is quilting, no matter how big or small. It is a gift of love from the heart.


Carolmarie yes I grew up in MI and my mom still lives in my hometown (has her whole life). I went to undergrad at MSU and then lived in area until 1985 when moved East to Boston area and then Maine in 2000. Thank you...I think these will be a hit and they have been fun so far!




Well done, True! Great gift idea. They will love them.


Carolmarie where are you from in MI? I am from Port Huron!


I so want to do these for the women I work with. Yours are super cute. I am envisioning 89 year old women fighting over them and having the time of the lives. They will talk about them to all their daughters hoping they'll do something as fabulous
for their birthdays. Happy Birthday to your mom,89 Whoo Hoo!!!! It must be that good Michigan air that has kept them young.


Terryt1955 I so hope that is what happens! I have made a couple of people at work mug rugs and others now hint they need one too:-)


True Isn't that the way it goes. I brought in my first quilt into work and people were asking me to make them one. Right! Not.They have no idea the time that goes into it and I need to take care of my "inner circle" first! But mug rugs are totally doable.
I hope you take pictures of the birthday party and the ladies receiving their party favors.


I'll be coming to Maine in August and hoping to have time to shop at Marden's. Do you have one near you? Great fabric and great prices.


Chrissybugs I have never been to one as not where I live... I have heard that before though. Some day will need to do a side trip from work as it would be closer! Where in Maine are you visiting?


Southern coast. I have family in York and Ogunquit.


Funny area Chrissybugs ...south of where I am.


Mary these are so darling - I love them!


Thanks Wendy...and Chrissybugs that is suppose to say FUN area not funny!! My fingers and I were not typing well...


True They are all so cute it's hard to pick one. How do you plan to pass them out at the party? Those old ladies are definitely going to be fighting over them. You might have to do a white elephant so then it's completely out of your hands. You should see the vision I have going on in my head right now....


LOL I am really pleased with them and when I took them to work to show the reactions made me think these will be a hit! I think I am going to show my mom when I get there and let her decide who gets which one. The exception is the one made from my Ladder of Hope quilt fabric will go to the person getting that quilt as it is "her" fabric and I do not want someone else having it (she is one of my mom's best friends and my godmother). Once my mom decides I will roll them and wrap in tissue paper and tie each end with a ribbon and put them at their places at the table (thinking can make cute cards and bring with me and they can serve as place cards as well). But will say they are welcome to trade as they wish...if I cause a riot ay my mom's club I will be in trouble;-) On top of this one of my staff make gorgeous wool felted purses (not sure that is correct name but she knits it and then felts it and add decorations with felt) and she is making me one for my mom. I selected color and she took it from there. I saw it today and it is spectacular so think will give it to my mom at the luncheon as they will also all love it!


These came out so great, Mary!


Thank you Wendy...I am excited to give them and am really happy I waited until "found" right one to make my mom!


These are all so different from each other, love them all. I am going to make some so I can practice my machine quilting since Wendy keeps telling me I can do it. We will see. I will be happy is mine look anywhere near as cute as yours.


Yes True, you are going to start a riot!!!! They are all going to be fighting over them. Sit back and enjoy. lol


Wow....these are so cute. The ladies are going to love them. What a special thing to do for your mom and her friends. Have a great time with your mom.


Thank you Quilt455 and Conniharns I am looking forward to it!


These are super cute and a darling idea! I agree - those ladies will be fighting over them! :)

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