Another for Kilah by True




Here is my block for Kilah...I have another one cut out to finish with different fabric but a late work night and 96 degree temps and no air conditioning got in way (Maine is not suppose to be this warm!).  I discovered how little fabric I have that works to be fussy cut and was going to go buy something new but then found the dragon fly print,  While it is a bit different than alot of fussy cut center blocks the fact the colors were so bright and dragon flies symbolizes strength, good luck and peace I decided they were perfect for this little girl.  It also so happens that this fabric, as well as some of the others, I used was left from a quilt I made a friend of mine a few years ago who work with abused all signs pointed to using it.  I hope it works ok with all the others!

6-21-12 Second block done and will mail tomorrow:-)






This will be perfect! I love the dragonfly and the meaning/significance. I think the great thing about this quilt being scrappy is that once all the blocks are together it will go perfectly. I know there were a few of the scrappy fabrics in my outside rows that I thought maybe didn't "go" well enough, but when you consider how we are looking at just one block out of many, and how many different fabrics will all be together in this quilt I know it will come together and be a lovely quilt!


Mary, this is really great! I love the brightness of it...and the dragonflies are perfect. I agree with Rebecca when these are all together it will be just stunning. That is the beauty of a scrappy quilt - it always looks wonderful!


Mary: I just noticed the writing in the scraps: life and hope. I have to tell you, my eyes just welled up. I am so touched by all of this. For me, this is one of the wonderful things about this community - quilts are hope and life and healing...and something like this just makes that all the more obvious.


When I first read about Kilah today I was so angry and upset. But seeing all of these beautiful blocks has brought a certain peace to me. I can only imagine what it's going to do for the women of Kilah's family. Thank you Wendy, Rebecca and Mary for turning this into such a positive and healing experience (and whoever else is contributing too!).


And you too !1kadybug!!!


Thank you all...I so agree with all of you on what a quilt or anything gift from the heart brings. Most of my career has been working with children and their parents when things aren't going well...but this little girl's story is so heartbreaking I hope all the positive energy and love helps. And as in all new experiences going this scrappy is opening up something for me:-)


Adorable-love the dragonfly- and I know what you mean about the fussy cut issue- had to raid my japanese stash to find some- but that's no hardship;))))- and I can definitely empathize with you re the air conditioning- my sewing room isn't either-sewing at night is definitely necessary! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!


Cute block...can't wait to see it all put together!


Love the turtle - I have that fabric!!!!


Thanks... Caribousmom don't you love that fabric! I used it for a baby quilt and I ended up using it for entire back as it was so dang cute and SOFT!

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