Color-work Charm Quilt by Jennifleur




I was feeling out of touch with my ability to effectively use color in quilts so I challenged myself.  It was really more like a puzzle then a quilt as each color, hue and value had to be just right in order to create the pattern... otherwise it's all just squares!  Anyway, I think it was far and away the most fun I've ever had making a quilt.  I certainly learned a lot, like I never seem to buy purple fabric.  I had to beg scraps off friends to complete it and no two squares are the same.  It's possibly my most favorite quilt I've kept. 






What a fun challenge for yourself! I love the way it turned out! I really need a design wall so I can make more complex quilts - it's nearly impossible without one.


It's gorgeous! I love the colours - and the way the different fabric patterns make it so lively while still harmonious.


This is just gorgeous and also love how you challenge yourself. I do not think I could figure out how to make the colors play well together so this just amazes me!


I have seen quilts that make a "plaid" look and wondered about doing one. You have made a great color selection and I love the way the pattern forms with the placement.


What a fun project! And a great challenge too. The use of color and value in quilts is something I feel is a constant evolution for me too...but it is so important, I think, in creating interesting quilts. You did a fabulous job on this one!!!


Wow! You did a great job with the colors. I can see how your experience before your current job helped! Your quilting is beautiful, also!


This is beautiful...great job with all the colors!


Really nice! Love all the colors and the wonderful balance you achieved! Hue is a tough one for me. I've always wanted to do a quilt like this!


This is wonderful. Great color placement which is an area that I am working on constantly.


Rebecca It is really challenging. I wish I had a full size wall to work on but I'll take a little one over nothing. I hope you can clear out a spot someday for a wall. What about something that folds or rolls up?


Jennifleur I have one now! Foam board covered with flannel. That makes good great room decor right? If necessary I could move to a bedroom but it mainly lives by my sewing machine in the middle of our great room. smile


Carolmarie There's not much to see. I got bought 2 sheets of 4x8 1" foam insulation board from Home Depot. I usually have them together against the wall by my sewing table, but can move them out when I need more room. I bought extra wide white flannel that made it easier to cover them. I used a combination of heavy duty staples and tape to attach to the back. You can see a similar idea over at Oh Fransson! here:

Elizabeth used batting since it is more sticky but I was worried my cats would shred it. I'll try and include the boards in my sewing space pictures when I do them. smile


Rebecca Very cool. That make me think I should rethink how I've done my design wall... maybe if I have to take it down for some reason (the room needs painting) I'll put it back up using this method. Thanks for the great share!


Jennifleur I am liking them, although the flannel isn't quite sticky enough sometimes for bigger things and I do occasionally have to pin. I love that I can move the boards around as needed, but really I just didn't want to have something attached to the wall in the middle of my great room.


Carolmarie it really hasn't been that big of an issue, just here an there. I do think the batting would work better - though it may not stay nice looking as long.


Carolmarie I'm not sure about the batting, just guessing. I mean batting is not as sturdy as fabric generally....


Carolmarie Rebecca Just another idea - I've got inexpensive felt up for my design wall, and it's been pretty good too, plus it hardly cost anything so if I need to replace it I don't feel so bad.


Amanda Carolmarie Rebecca I've got a cheap poly bat up for my design wall. It's been about three years now and is holding up nicely. Stuff sticks to it like crazy. Of course it's covered in bits of thread that won't come off but that's a small price to pay. wink

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