Color Wheels Modern Quilt by Caribousmom


Original design inspired by two patterns from modern quilting by jacquie gering and katie pedersen
Constructing Top


I have been itching to do two things: 1. Start a project from Modern Quilting by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen, and 2. Use up the rest of my Terrain fabric that I had left over after stitching ^colors-of-spain-quilt

So today I started to play. I am constructing a quilt which is an interpretation of two quilt patterns in Quilting Modern (Blind Co-Pilot and Swirling Medallion).

Today I pieced two blocks (they measure at 14.5" unfinished). My plan is to have a lot of negative space in this although you can't see it yet, there will be a lot of white when I'm done. Not sure yet how big this one will turn out to be. I'm just going to keep going until my fabric runs out!

July 5, 2012 Update: Made a few more blocks today and started playing with a layout. The bottom of a large block will actually extend into the row below, etc...Also making some little blocks to go between the big ones. Lots of experimenting with this one, but I'm so far enjoying the process.

Finally decided on a name for this one ... since the blocks look like they are wheels, and they are color saturated...I'm calling this Color Wheels :)

August 8, 2012: Still playing with layout - but I finally decided to reduce the negative space and set things diagonally...I started piecing some of the vertical rows...think this will be the final layout. Now I just need MORE blocks!






I have absolutely no idea how you make those blocks but they are very cool and of course love the fabric!


They are actually REALLY easy to make...and very fun. If you've ever made wonky star blocks, that is essentially the same technique used here!


OMG who would have simply amazes me what people come up with how creative! My wonky star quilt is not speaking to me since it got pushed to bottom of pile;-)


Ooh, these are sweet! Great fabrics too.


Thanks, Robynie . They come together quickly!


Oh my goodness look at the babies that were born today!!! Looks awesome:-)


LOL thanks True




Thank you, Rebecca !


Very fun blocks and fabrics. Really like how this one if turning out. Will have to keep watching it's progress!


Wendy, I have never used white setting blocks in a quilt but I just love yours so I am going to give it a try. Once again, love these blocks.


Love it. Reminds me of a kaleidoscope.


Thanks Jess - it is a bit addictive piecing...I'm enjoying watching it evolve.
Quilt455 I love white in quilts (I probably use it too much, but I love the clean feel of it). Thanks for your comment!! Juline I hadn't thought about a kaleidoscope, but now that you mention it, it does look a bit like one! I am enjoying the feeling of movement the blocks are developing. Thanks for your comment!


I love the new get sewing;-)


LOL True ! I hope this one doesn't take me as long as the Star Friendship Companion Quilt did!


I agree with Juline- reminds me of a kaleidescope...and the fabrics are use white and prints so well- this will be a beauty.


Mymble thank you so much. I am so hooked on white in quilts...I keep thinking I should step outside my comfort zone and use another color, but I always come back to white!


Ummm...know what you mean but I think you sort of have to let your instincts run until they take you in another direction...not force it...and especially when you are coming up with such a variety of combos-each one more beautiful than the last, and I imagine white-especially Kona Snow which is so luscious, will always be a good choice:)


Thanks for the affirmation Mymble . You make a good point in that we need to trust our instincts. I think eventually we sort of find our "style" and where we are comfortable. I like to challenge myself, too. This quilt is very different than what I have ever done before...even though I am still using white LOL!


I love the way this looks with all the wonky piecing...however my linear thinking would not allow me to do something this free-form. The bright colors are great.


Thanks Janquilter - it does take some "letting go" of what we are used to doing re: piecing...but I will say, the process is fun!


These look dreamy - definitely something I want to try. I love the colors and the neutral white background fabric. The wonkiness of the piecing really gives each one a lot of dimension and movement even - loving that.


Thank you so much April . It is really an experiment in piecing for me...and there are times I wonder what the heck I am doing, so glad to hear it is working somewhat!! LOL

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