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Well- we were without power from last Friday June 29th until Wednesday night, July 4th. As you can imagine, in the heat there was little to be done, after the daily scrounging for ice and food. My 90 yr. old mother in law lives with us, so keeping her hydrated, fed and cooled was priority no.1 but after that, my main goal was to keep as cool as possible ( did I mention we were in a heat wave?) and exert as little energy as possible. So what's a quilter-sewer to do- why make granny flowers of course. Here's my power outage collection of granny flowers- don't know what they will become- they may not all wind up in the same project but they certainly are a start eh? Now, I do intend to continue making them, but I sincerely hope not under the same conditions. I do have a greater appreciation for our pioneer ancestors though- sewing these things by candle or lantern light is definitely different:)))))
Update 8/5/13  Houseguests means no sewing at the machine- but while they are away in DC, I can sneak a little time for some hexies.  Such a great pick up and put down project- and who knows, in a few years I'll have enough for a quilt! (But I think I'll probably pop a few of these into little projects before that:)))
FYI_ Things I have learned about doing hexies:
My first ones were done according to the "sew through the paper method"_ if you look closely you can see the heavy thread I used- it's pain because you have to go back later and cut all that thread out.
Now I simply sew on the back- and if I don't want to- I don't have to go back and clip the threads- much, much easier.
I am using a 50wt. DMC embroidery thread to join hexies- makes for almost 100% invisible stitches.
...just 2 things I thought I'd share that have greatly improved my hexies...go make some they are so fun!!!






Wow what a great way of making lemon from lemonade! How hot did it get during that time? That is a long time to get through! We are hot and humid here is Maine today and I think everyone is melting... We don't have air conditioning since so seldom need it at our home and fans are doing nothing so we turned them off. Love your flowers!


Thanks True-it got to 106 (heat index) on Tuesday and Sat. and Sunday were almost as bad -think we're headed to 111 (heat index) today they said.. We only have ac in the bedrooms and our house is old so we have fans downstairs but we sure did miss them;)


You said it Carolmarie- now just wait til the first blizzard and maybe I'll actually get a quilt out of it;)))))))))))))))))))))


OMG give me a blizzard any day!! I will not tell you what it was here today, how miserable I was and how I complained as it pales into comparison...I may have died in that heat!!


Oh wow, great job on these! Who needs electricity? ;)


;))) Thanks Kristananne - for sure- gotta have some of those hand projects around for times when I can't get plugged in :]


Oh my gosh, I just love your little flowers. I need to start doing hand work if it will come out like yours. NOT!


Thanks so much.... but you CAN do it- my first hexies were a bit rough-stitches showed too much- but then I just kept doing them and it started to click...they are so fun, and so easy!


Can hardly wait to see the project when it's done! Agreed - the perfect project during those "no machine" times. My Mom makes hexxie flowers while she watches baseball... she has a ton of flowers building : )


stitchcat Exactly- considering how many UFO's I have, it's nice having a project that doesn't really have a goal or deadline:)

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